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Best Dog Food For Large Breeds

Food   September 3, 2016

Owning a large dog breed comes with its fair share of responsibilities. Just like their size, large breed dogs require more care and handling, especially when it comes to feeding. Large dog breeds not only eat more food than their smaller counterparts but needs the food in more frequent stints. The reason feeding large dog […]

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Low Sodium Dog Food

Food   August 17, 2016

What is best low sodium dog food? Find out in this resourceful article. Minerals and salts are a vital part in the growth and development of a dog. They help with the development of major organs in the body and enhance metabolic balance. ¬†Although they are essential, these salts and minerals need to be ingested […]

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Dry food for dogs and puppies

Food   June 10, 2015

Dry food for dogs and puppies The dry food is called by pet owners with all sorts of strange names – candy, popcorn, pills, pellets, etc. They are foods with very low water content (less than 10-12%). It is produced by two methods – by granulation and extrusion. The first method is rarely used in […]

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Dogs and Food Allergies

Food   April 12, 2015

Dogs and Food Allergies Like us, dogs can have allergies as well, mostly caused by bites and atopy. They are called inhalant allergies. But of course there are food allergies, something many of us might be acquainted with. Then again, there is an imperative difference between food allergies and food intolerance’s. And if you are […]

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BARF Diet – Is Raw Feeding A Superior Decision?

Food   April 9, 2015

BARF Diet – Is Raw Feeding A Superior Decision? If you have heard about raw feeding, then you may be thinking what all the noise is about. Who would genuinely be interested with food that has not been cooked? Raw feeding is about giving your dog uncooked food to enhance its health. Raw feeding is […]

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