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Top 10 smallest dog breeds

Intesting facts   July 27, 2016

In recent years, small breeds are in vogue that began among the celebrities from different fields – artists, films, fashion. Many actresses and models wear them as ornaments in shiny bags or pockets, making their bizarre hairstyles and decorating them with different accessories. This fashion “glamour” is already widespread among others, because these puppies do […]

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Most popular dog breeds

Intesting facts   July 18, 2016

Without a doubt – dogs are among the most popular pets. These faithful companions are much more popular than cats, parrots, fish and others. But there are breeds that are much more popular than others. Of course, popularity and the love of man are something variable and influenced by fashion, lifestyle, even by place of […]

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Top 10 fastest dog breeds

Intesting facts   July 12, 2016

People always like to choose for them the best of the best. Some prefer larger breeds to frighten strangers and guard their house, so the dog must meet certain requirements: have a balanced temperament, be physically strong and of course carry out commands. There are companion dogs, hunters, “nurses” and others. Some breeds are prized […]

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Top cute dog videos from youtube

Intesting facts   July 9, 2016

1. Calm down little boxer Check how this little German Boxer going  to sleep after sucking baby’s pacifier. Cuteness! 2.Mad kitty What do you think , is this kittne is mad, angry or he just want to play with his buddy? 3.Grooming a dog. Prearing for a dog show. Some dogs really like preparation for dog […]

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Experience in raising a Labrador dog breed

Intesting facts   May 3, 2016

Experience in raising a Labrador dog breed The Labrador is one of the most famous and desirable pets. The real name of the breed is “Labrador retriever“. An old Canadian legend presents it to us as the son of a dog and an otter – that is why the Labrador is more than a simple […]

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How to choose the right dog from variety of puppies for sale

Intesting facts   May 10, 2015

The most important question – there are so many dogs and puppies for sale, which one to choose? This must be coordinated with all family members. It is natural to choose a breed that you like the most. To make the right choice, first you should read the relevant literature or consult a specialist. You […]

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