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Detailed view on Microchipping for Dogs

Health and Medical   June 17, 2016

Almost everyone is familiar with those awful ‘my animal is missing’-posters you see every now and then in your neighbourhood. Because the sad truth is that animals really do run away! And often too; hundreds of pets go missing each year, leaving their owners heartbroken and miserable. And if the animal doesn’t have a microchip, […]

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Whipworms in dogs

Health and Medical   June 13, 2016

The Parasite that Can’t be Killed? It’s always daunting when we have to take our precious pooches to the vet and you hear the words, “Your dog has intestinal worms.” As dog owners, we strive on a daily basis to keep our pets safe. Not too long ago, a friend had to take her precious […]

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What should you do if your dog has Hip or Elbow Dysplasia?

Health and Medical   June 10, 2016

Any dog  has a high risk of developing joint issues as they age. Some of the core issues are osteoarthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia, ligaments injury in and around the joint. While some dogs don’t experience these issues, Some Breeds both big and little may develop hip dysplasia; however, it is more usually in Big […]

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Training German Shepherd Dog

Training   May 26, 2016

Training German Shepherd Dog First of all, realize what this dog was originally bred for. Their personality, energy level and characteristics will usually reflect their original purpose. As part of the Herding Group, German Shepherds are classified as working dogs bred originally for herding and guarding sheep.  What to Do: Encourage and motivate your German […]

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Experience in raising a Labrador dog breed

Intesting facts   May 3, 2016

Experience in raising a Labrador dog breed The Labrador is one of the most famous and desirable pets. The real name of the breed is “Labrador retriever“. An old Canadian legend presents it to us as the son of a dog and an otter – that is why the Labrador is more than a simple […]

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Dog pregnancy

Health and Medical   March 19, 2016

Dog pregnancy The instinct of procreation, as with all living creatures, is well developed in dogs. Every dog owner, especially those who have females, must be familiar with the main points of the breeding process. Lack of such knowledge could lead to unpleasant consequences (infertility, adverse changes in the breed various diseases and so on..). […]

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Kennel Cough

Health and Medical   March 6, 2016

Kennel Cough The infectious tracheobronchitis (Kennel cough) is a highly contagious respiratory disease characterized with inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. It can affect the entire respiratory system and develop into pneumonia. It’s called “kennel cough” because it runs with dry, sharp, drowning and prolonged cough. Causes for infectious tracheobronchitis Causing the infection can be […]

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How to Find a Responsible Dog Breeder

Health and Medical   February 2, 2016

How to Find a Responsible Dog Breeder You finally made a decision – I want to buy a dog! After a while, you already know what breed you want. Now everything is ready, you just have to choose where to buy your puppy from. And this is where you should be very careful and well […]

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Top 10 dog training tips

Training   December 20, 2015

Top 10 dog training tips Everyone has an opinion on the matter, and each of us gets different advices from our vet and friends, which is the best way to train our dog. Education and upbringing of these animals is mandatory for the subsequent behavior and problems associated with it when it grows up. Training […]

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Caring for the ears of your dog

Health and Medical   December 20, 2015

Caring for the ears of your pet Different and constant care is essential for the health and hygiene of your dog and your home. The state of an apparently healthy dog may be aggravated incredibly fast. When you are looking for dogs for sale or puppies for sale, keep in mind that almost all dogs […]

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