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Health and Medical   June 10, 2015

Dysplasia There are two types of this disease for Dogs and Puppies – Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a fairly common degenerative joint disease. So far, medicine has established a lot of facts about the disease, but unfortunately there are quite uncertain factors. The following article reveals much about dysplasia and hopefully […]

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Dry food for dogs and puppies

Food   June 10, 2015

Dry food for dogs and puppies The dry food is called by pet owners with all sorts of strange names – candy, popcorn, pills, pellets, etc. They are foods with very low water content (less than 10-12%). It is produced by two methods – by granulation and extrusion. The first method is rarely used in […]

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How to choose the right dog from variety of puppies for sale

Intesting facts   May 10, 2015

The most important question – there are so many dogs and puppies for sale, which one to choose? This must be coordinated with all family members. It is natural to choose a breed that you like the most. To make the right choice, first you should read the relevant literature or consult a specialist. You […]

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Dogs and Food Allergies

Food   April 12, 2015

Dogs and Food Allergies Like us, dogs can have allergies as well, mostly caused by bites and atopy. They are called inhalant allergies. But of course there are food allergies, something many of us might be acquainted with. Then again, there is an imperative difference between food allergies and food intolerance’s. And if you are […]

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BARF Diet – Is Raw Feeding A Superior Decision?

Food   April 9, 2015

BARF Diet – Is Raw Feeding A Superior Decision? If you have heard about raw feeding, then you may be thinking what all the noise is about. Who would genuinely be interested with food that has not been cooked? Raw feeding is about giving your dog uncooked food to enhance its health. Raw feeding is […]

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Dog Nail Grinder – A Decent Alternative for Dog Nail Care

Grooming   April 9, 2015

Dog Nail Grinder – A Decent Alternative for Dog Nail Care There are plenty of websites for puppies for sale so purchasing a puppy is a simple thing to do. However, if you want to have a healthy dog, you should handle all its essential necessities. Dog nail care is one of the essential activities […]

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Facts about dog coat brushing and different types of brushes

Grooming   April 7, 2015

Facts about dog coat  brushing and different types of brushes Brushing your dog’s hair regularly or every day is considered the easiest and most pleasant way to grooming your pet. This will take just a few minutes and can make your dog healthy and clean. Brushing can even help you in building a strong realtionship […]

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The Initial Steps in Training Your New Puppy

Training   March 13, 2015

The Initial Steps in Training Your New Puppy If you want to adopt a puppy or looking for puppies for sale you should know what comes after you new family member enters your home. You must start the training as quickly as possible. You should realize, it is better to train your new puppy at […]

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Dog Parvo – The Deadliest problem of small puppies

Health and Medical   March 13, 2015

Dog Parvo – The Deadliest Dog Disease Dog parvovirus,  referred as “parvo” – is a genuine, infectious problem brought in by an infection. This sickness is spread when dogs come into contact with excrements of infected animals. Puppy parks, roadway rest stops and popular walking streets in urban communities are regions where dog infections are […]

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Lyme disease in Dogs-How to Spot, Diagnose and Treat

Health and Medical   March 13, 2015

Lyme disease in Dogs-How to Spot, Diagnose and Treat Of all the dog sicknesses, Lyme disease is the most well-known and it is caused by ticks. They can be found in tall grasses during the hotter months, which is why a lot of owners get back from a pleasant long walk or an outdoor trip and  find […]

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