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The breed (also known as Poitevin) was created in 1692 by Marquis of F. Larye. The ancestors are the famous Dogs of Roy White, Irish hounds and English Greyhounds.
In 1842, a rabies outbreak decimated most representatives of the breed. On that date there were only one male and two females left - the ancestors of the current Poitevin. Used for wolf hunting in the nineteenth century, today these dogs show great abilities in pursuit of hare and deer. In 1957 the old name "Dog Haut-Poitou" was replaced by Poitevin or Billy. Since the foundation of “Club Français du Chien d'Ordre” in 1977, his numbers are steadily increasing. Thanks to the efforts of breed enthusiasts in the past 30 years, the Billy puppies for sale are available in almost all Western Europe and this dog is no longer in danger of extinction.
The first standard was established in 1922.

Physical characteristics
The Poitevin is a very distinguished dog, who possesses a high level of perfection, strength, elegance and lightness. The head is elongated without excess, not too broad. The skull is flat rather than curved. The eyes are large, brown, ringed with black, with a very expressive look. The ears are with medium width, attached a little low, medium length, fine and slightly facing forward. The tail is of average length, worn with elegance and forming a slight curve.
The average height of the Billy is between 62 and 70 cm and the weight - about 30 kg.

Character and behavior
Intelligent and lively, quick and brave, this is a perfect hunter.
Billy is very active and resistant dog, he is able to pursue a prey all day long. The representatives of this breed are very fast and have a passionate temperament. He fears neither the bushes nor the brambles. The great flair, powerful groove and great ability to hunt in packs, make the Billy one of the best dogs for passionate hunters.

Training and education
During his education, you should teach him not to abandon one prey for another. The Billy puppy should be well trained from an early age to become the hunter's best friend and companion. When not hunting, he must go on long walks to stay fit.

Health problems
The average life span of the Billy is 10 to 14 years. They are a strong and healthy dogs. The only known concerns are colds and Bronchitis as the coat is short and fine, offering little protection against cold weather. Therefore, the Billy should be kept indoors during winter. Ear infections can be an issue too. If these considerations are taken seriously, the dog is not exposed to cold and his ears are regularly checked, the Billy should have a long and healthy life.

Grooming and care
This dog doesn't require a lot of maintenance and is perfect for someone who does not have time for grooming. The Poitevin’s coat requires little brushing - once per week to remove the dead hair should be sufficient. Bathe your pet only if necessary, not more than once per month.
Special attention should be paid to the sensitive areas of the body. The Billy have drooping ears which should be cleaned regularly to prevent infections. Also the nails, teeth, nose, and eyes should be checked at least once a week. The nails could be trimmed when needed.

Children and other pets
He is very affectionate with his master and loves children - even tends to defend and protect them. The Billy can live in a house or apartment only if you guarantee him lots of physical exercises. He is a social dog who loves people and other animals, is gentle with kids and have a pleasant character.

Interesting facts
In the past, the Poitevin dogs were successfully used to hunt wolves!

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