Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale in Michigan, Monroe

Softest Yorkies
  • Softest Yorkies

Softest Yorkies


Yorkshire Terrier


11 months 14 days


300 $

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United States, Michigan, Monroe


Email: melissamonroe124@gmail.com

Phone: 4692151691

Kennel Name: Puppies

jkjskbkbjbkjbkv They are 13 weeks old now and need a permanent home The dad has great
temperament and the moms a cute Yorkie You won't see puppies like these very often They
are Cute and spunky they have extremely great hair The little girl is like a Long Haired ,
but are extremely soft to the touch They have their fathers great ears, well they all do,
they are up to date on shots The 1st little girl's Yorkie coat is cool She is more fluffy,
Both hair will look like her dad,, similar to a fluffy, long haired , and very soft,
Labrador with amazing ears, the second is bigger with a little shorter hair All three have
beautiful Colors with brown and white accents These dogs don't shed much.'re-homing fee to
cover some of their veterinarian costs They are in need of a new home, Contact me anytime
if interested, That's fine as I go to bed very late One thing for sure, these are among
the softest Yorkies you've ever seen Both parents are not do not contact me via Email.
(251) 298-8054