Dog Breeds which Start with the Letter “R”

Dog Breeds which Start with the Letter “R”
March 4, 2019

 Considering that there are hundreds of dog breeds, even the biggest dog fan probably couldn’t reel them all from the top of their heads. So, if you’re wondering which dog breeds start with the letter “R” we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive list.

There are only nine different dog breeds to feature on the list – we’ll introduce you to a little about their character, appearance and history so you’ll be fully clued up by the time you have got through the list!

If you want any more information on any of the breeds we have listed here, you can always head on over to our breed description page!

  1. Rafeiro of Alentego

Not many people have heard of the Rafeiro of Alentego breed outside of their homeland of Portugal. There, they are commonly used as watchdogs due to their confident and self-assured personality which also means that they are incredibly protective and territorial. There’s no better breed to take care of your home or livestock given that they can stand at up to 70 cm tall!

  1. Rat Terrier

The Rat Terrier’s name gives away a lot about the breed. Generally speaking, many terrier breeds were often used to hunt small prey and vermin. Their small stature makes them perfect for the task! The breed was established in America, however, they are much more of a type of dog than a breed. Yet, they all seem to have the same lively and outgoing personalities. They are perfect for people looking for a dog with lots of energy to burn on adventures.

  1. Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback breed was first established in Southern Africa. They are a large and hardy breed which have links to ancient hunting breeds of dog. But thankfully, these days are much less wild and a lot easier to domesticate. They may not look like a characterful breed, but they are actually incredibly mischievous. They have plenty of personality, so naturally, they make a fun best friend!

  1. Romagna Water Dog

Like many water dogs, the Romagna Water Dog has a curly coat which helps to keep them warm when they are in pursuit of waterfowl. Their name comes from the Italian word for Lake, however, they are used in a great number of ways in hunting. They are also pretty adept when it comes to looking for truffles due to their sensitive noses. They are always looking to please, especially when they’re working.

  1. Romanian Bucovina Shepherd Dog

The Romanian Bucovina Shepherd Dog is a large and rustic-looking breed, in fact, it is one of the most powerful livestock guardians in the world. As you can guess from the name, the breed first originated in Romania. They are incredibly responsive to training and when put to work they will be courageous and devoted. They are equipped with an angry bark which is more than effective when it comes to hungry wolves and bears who would rather not put up a fight with a dog breed which can grow up to 78 centimetres.  

  1. Rottweiler

The Rottweiler hasn’t got the best reputation ever, because no dog which is ever associated with police or the army is ever perceived as a friendly dog. They do make for excellent guard dogs and they will be incredibly protective of their human family. But this doesn’t mean that if they are socialised well from a young age that they won’t be able to make for a perfect family pet. Their fearlessness combines with their obedience, so don’t let anyone tell you that Rottweilers aren’t a good-natured breed!

  1. Russian Black Terrier

The Russian Black Terrier is a very distinctive breed which has a strong connection to the Russian Army. The breed was established for its service at the end of the 1940s. They were developed in the Red Star kennels in Moscow during the Cold War, and the perfect temperament was a result. Given that they had important jobs to do, it’s a good job that Russian Black Terriers are energetic, brave, confident, and stable.  

  1. Russian European Laika

The Russian European Laika is a remarkably stunning breed which is well-equipped for the harsh climatic elements of Russia. They are built to withstand the cold temperatures of the Russian mountains and give their owners a hand when it comes to hunting. The breed was established from the ancient Spitz breed and first came about in the mid-1940s.

  1. Russian Hunting Sighthound

Yet another beautiful breed was established in the cold climates of Russia. Yet, instead of being built for strength, the Russian Hunting Sighthound was built for speed and their keen eye as a sighthound. They come in a variety of colours and look very similar to Asian breeds such as Borzois, Salukis and Afghan Hounds.

  1. Russkiy Toy

It’s official, the Russiky Toy breed is definitely the cutest dog to feature on this list! They stand at around 23 centimetres tall and look fairly similar to Chihuahuas. They also come in short hair and long hair with gorgeous butterfly-shaped ears. The breed was first established in Moscow and also goes by the name of Russian Toy. They love to be the centre of attention but they don’t require all too much physical exercise. So, they make the perfect companion pet for anyone looking for a laidback lap dog.

There we have a complete list of every registered dog breed which starts with the letter R!