Fake Dog Breeds

Fake Dog Breeds
March 19, 2019

Fake Dog Breeds

 We’re assuming that you’re here because you want the lowdown on fake dog breeds. Unfortunately, it is a little hard for us to give you a definitive list of the dog breeds which people have made up. Yes, sadly, we do live in a world where conmen exist and it’s all too easy for people to make people part with far too much cash for what is essentially a mongrel.
 Even though the internet is a brilliant place where you can find practically everything on Google, we can’t come up with a comprehensive list of all the dog breeds which people have made up over the course of history!

But what we can recommend you checking out is our Breed description page if you are curious about which dog breeds are real and which are fake.  We have covered every single breed of dog on there. We searched each corner of the globe to find the pedigrees and cross breeds which are currently registered on the national register.

Even though the AKC in America is one of the biggest registers for dog breeds, pretty much every different country has their very own register. Each register is different, as different registers will only acknowledge certain breeds!

It can be tricky to keep up with the new breeds as there are plenty of weird and wonderful crossbreeds. But remember a crossbred is often very different from a pure breed. This is especially important if you are in the market for a new puppy! Make sure you are fully aware of what you’re buying! Any breeds not currently registered are not pure breed – and you should never, ever pay a pure breed price for them!

It can be incredibly tricky when it comes to ‘new breeds’, as there have been new breeds created even in this decade. But some breeds have ancestry dating back to when history started to be documented. With ancient Asian breeds, it wasn’t uncommon to see pictures of them on cave walls!

So to sum up, just make sure that you’re fully informed before you buy a puppy – or believe that someone you know has invented or invested in a brand-new dog breed!

In case anyone has been thoroughly disappointed with the information provided here and just wanted to look at some pictures of adorable dog breeds, we’ve picked out our 4 top crossbreed dogs!

  1. Spitzky: Spitz & Husky
  2. Golden Dachshund: Golden Retriever & Dachshund

  3. Husgi: Husky & Corgi
  4. Huskiever: Husky & Golden Retriever

How incredible are the eyes on those Husky-cross dog breeds?! You can also see that it’s pretty common for the genetics of a Golden Retriever to be mixed in there too. After all, they are the best boys!

But going back to our original point on the dangers of paying over the odds for a dog breed which doesn’t exist, make sure you check out our guide to finding a responsible dog breeder! While it would be amazing to see any of the 4 dog breeds we have included on this list up for sale, you certainly wouldn’t want to pay over the odds for them! They are incredibly cute, but they certainly don’t deserve a pedigree price tag! Well, the Spitzky just might!