Dog Breeds which Start with the Letter “T”

Dog Breeds which Start with the Letter “T”
March 19, 2019

Considering that there are hundreds of dog breeds, even the biggest dog fan probably couldn’t reel them all from the top of their heads. So, if you’re wondering which dog breeds start with the letter “T” we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive list.

There are only nine different dog breeds to feature on the list – we’ll introduce you to a little about their character, appearance and history so you’ll be fully clued up by the time you have got through the list!

If you want any more information on any of the breeds we have listed here, you can always head on over to our breed description page!

  1. Tatra Shepherd Dog

As you can expect from a Shepherd dog, the Tatra Shepherd dog is fairly sizable and comes with a nice and thick coat which helps keep the livestock guardian warm while it is on duty protecting livestock from predators. As the Tatra Sheepdog originally comes from Poland, you can be sure that they have to withstand some pretty harsh temperatures. But the resilient, yet adorable loyal pet, is much more than your average Shepherd dog. It is literally in their nature to become part of the flock!

  1. Teckel

The Teckel dog is yet another rare breed to make it onto our list of dogs which breeds start with the letter T! However, it may be rare in name, but not in reality, they are just another form of Dachshund– the popular sausage dog which shared some shaky parts of history with the Nazis, but now, the Dachshund, or should I say the Teckel is once more a popular and infinitely loveable family pet!

  1. Thai Ridgeback

There aren’t many dog breeds which look as terrifying as the Thai Ridgeback, even though the breed has a lovely temperament, there is no getting over the fact that they look like a dog breed which you would see in a Resident Evil film! Even though the Thai Ridgeback has been around for centuries, they have only pretty recently been recognised as an actual breed. They are set to become a lot more popular in the next few years. So, if you have never got acquainted with one of the breed before, it is highly likely that you will someday soon!

  1. Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the fluffiest dog breeds which exists. But that isn’t the only fun fact about the Tibetan Mastiff, the Chinese dog breeds are one of the most expensive breeds you could hope to get your hands on. They probably aren’t the recommended breed for you if you have trouble controlling dogs. However, if you are sure that you will be able to handle one of the breed on a leash, you will be the owner of a very intelligent breed. But don’t be surprised if they are a little bit stubborn!

  1. Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel is much, much smaller than the Tibetan Mastiff, although they are still fairly fluffy! Even though the Spaniel may be small, they definitely come with a larger than life personality. Anyone who is in the market for a strong-willed lap dog will love spending valuable time with this characterful pup! Tibetan Spaniels have been around for the past 2500 years, and share ancestry with dog breeds such as Pugs and Pekingese.

  1. Tibetan Terrier

Yet another Tibetan dog breeds make the list, however, you should note that the Tibetan Terrier has a pretty misleading name. They aren’t technically Terrier dogs, instead, it was European travellers which gave them the name. Which tells you a lot about what the Tibetan Terrier looks like! Of all the Tibetan breeds, this one is by far the friendliest and most affectionate. Their long hair gives them a fairly rustic look, so you will have to spend a fair amount of time making sure that they are well-groomed!

  1. Tosa

Not all too many people have come across the rare Japanese the Tosa before. That’s because even in Japan the numbers of the breed are slowly but surely in decline which is incredibly sad as they are a sensitive and brave breed. But sadly, they are still used today in Japanese dog fighting, they are never afraid of a confrontation, and are known to have one of the most unstable characters as they can be incredibly suspicious of other dogs and strangers. But they will do all that they can to protect their human family!  

  1. Transylvanian Hound

There are no prizes for guessing where the Transylvanian Hound comes from! But what you may not know is that they have been around for centuries, making this hound an ancient breed. Originally they were bred for hunting, so they come equipped with perfectly capable medium-sized yet strong bodies which would never tire when they were in hot pursuit of the prey! The coat pattern tends to be black and tan, similar to what you would see on a Rottweiler.

There we have our comprehensive list of all the dog breeds which start with the letter “t” if you would like any more information on any of the breeds don’t forget to check out all there is to know on the breeds we have briefly covered here!