Dog Breeds with Red Fur

Dog Breeds with Red Fur
March 20, 2019

Dog Breeds with Red Fur

 Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. If we were to tell you that dog’s fur can come in 23 different colours your imagination would start to go wild imagining super colourful dogs. However, it is slightly less exciting when you consider that there are plenty of variations to different colours such as red, blonde, brown and grey.

But you’re here to check out dog breeds which come with red fur! Please note that none of the dogs on this list has slightly similar colours of tan, rust, orange, chestnut, gold, or fawn.

There are only 8 different dog breeds which come with a ‘true’ red colour, and it is our pleasure to introduce you to them.

Whichever kind of dog breed you are looking for, you are sure to find the right dog breed for you in this adorable line up of red dogs!

  1. Alaskan Klee Kai

Red & white is just one of the colours which the Alaskan Klee Kai can come in. They also come in grey and white and black and white, but there is absolutely no denying that they are the most stunning with the red and white coat. There’s a beautiful contrast between the deep reds in their fur and the shocking blue colour of their eyes! The Alaskan Klee Kai is part of the Spitz family which looks fairly similar to an Alaskan Husky.

  1. American Staffordshire Terrier

Out of all the dog breeds, the American Staffordshire Terrier potentially is the one which comes in the greatest variety of colours. While it is not overly common for you to see a true red American Staffordshire Terrier, when you do spot one, they are stunning. Their coat can come in Red which is most often than not accompanied with some white masking and other random placements of white on their coat.

  1. Boerboel

The Boerboel is also known as the South African Mastiff, as breeds go, you don’t get much bigger. Generally, their red coats aren’t quite as bright, deep, and vivid as some of the other dog breeds on this list. But the Boerboel is still a beautiful breed which has a fantastic personality to match. If you’re looking for a loyal protector which comes in a nice shade of red, you’ve just found your perfect option! Just make sure that you have enough cash to feed these giant breeds!  

  1. Border Collie

The Border Collie is also a breed which can come in a large number of different colours. However, it isn’t often that you’ll find one with a red coat. The red tends to be combined with patches of white with a stripe down the centre of their noses giving them a similar aesthetic to a Papillion – who also features on this list! Obviously, herders don’t usually pick their livestock herding dog breeds based on the colour of their coats. But for anyone who has set their heart on a red dog, the Border Collie is a brilliant option – just as long as you have the energy to keep up with them!

  1. Dachshund

The Dachshund is a breed which definitely needs no introduction. While it is much more common to see them in black and tan, they do also come in a very warm true red colour, which in our opinion is even cuter than any of the other coat colours. The German breed was originally bred for badger hunting, they even did a stint in the German military, however, now they are much more commonly seen as lap dogs.

  1. Irish Setter

When you think of true red dog breeds, it is fairly likely that this breed will be the first which comes to mind. Of all the red-coated dogs, the Irish Setters coat has to be the deepest. While most dogs come with other coat colours other than red, it isn’t very likely that you will come across which hasn’t got a red coat! If you do, I’d be highly sceptical as to whether that dog is a true Irish Setter. As well as being reliable gun dogs, Irish Setters are also no strangers to the show rings!

  1. Papillon

We may be a little biased, but the French toy breed is one of the most adorable which you will find on this list. While they don’t come with an all red coat, you can expect to see them with a white nose and the beautiful butterfly ears which they are renown for! No, they really are! ‘Papillion’ means ‘butterfly’ in French. The dogs make for the perfect companions as they are as happy and alert as they are cute!

  1. Vizsla

The last dog on the list of dogs with red fur is the not all too well known Vizsla dog breed. It is still fairly common in its homeland of Hungary where it is commonly used for hunting and other various sports. They are related to pointer and retriever breeds; however, this breed can be slightly taller and slimmer. They definitely look slenderer than their fluffier counterparts anyway!