Dog Breeds with 6 Letters

Dog Breeds with 6 Letters
April 16, 2019

Looking for a comprehensive list of dog breeds which are six letters long? Our list is perfect for anyone who needs a little help with a crossword puzzle or would just like to brush up on their dog breed knowledge.

Even the keenest of dog fans will never be able to reel every dog breed off the top of their heads. There are plenty of dog breeds which are only recognised in their country of origin! Unlike other lists, we haven’t included the non-official names for the cross between two breeds!

  1. Barbet – also known as a French Water Dog.
  2. Basset – a type of hound usually used for hunting.
  3. Beagle – yet another pooch who comes in handy in a hunt.
  4. Borzoi – an elegant long-legged breed from Russia.
  5. Briard – an ancient breed of hunting dog from France.
  6. Collie – one of the best herding dogs known to man!
  7. Kelpie – a herding dog with seemingly boundless energy!
  8. Pariah – a sacred dog breed since ancient times in India – these can also be called piedogs!
  9. Poodle – the curly furred pooch which can come in miniature and toy size too!
  10. Ratter – a type of dog which has been bred to chase rats.
  11. Saluki – one of the fastest dog breeds in the world!
  12. Setter – Usually of the Irish variety
  13. Shelty – AKA the Shetland Sheepdog
  14. Westie – AKA the West Highland Terrier which makes for a brilliant lapdog
  15. Vizsla – A rare breed of dog belonging to the retriever family

    If you would like any more information on the dog breeds we’ve covered in this list, you can head on over to our breed description page for more details!

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