Dog Breeds with Green Eyes

Dog Breeds with Green Eyes
April 16, 2019

It isn’t surprising that some people think that dog breeds only come with brown eyes, even the biggest dog fans would have to scratch their heads to come up with a comprehensive list of dogs with green eyes – or any other eye colour for that matter. It is also just as rare for dogs to have green eyes! They’re pretty hard to spot, even harder to acquire for yourselves to take home! But it isn’t as common as dogs the David Bowie-style brown and blue eyes!

With this article, we will be covering all that you need to know about dogs with green eyes including how dogs come to have different eye colours and why it is breed specific!

The Biology Behind Eye Colour of Dogs

 Just as our genes determine our eye colour, it is the very same story for dogs! Eye colouring is all down to the dog’s parent’s genealogy. Even though brown may be the most prevalent colour amongst dogs, some dogs carry the eye pigment which gives them green eyes.

There are multiple genes which can give dogs green eyes, the main one being the Merle gene which will change both eye colour and coat colour. If the dog breed is carrying the merle gene, generally you will be able to spot grey or beige patches in the base coats of their fur.

Dog breeds which can carry the merle gene include:

  1. Australian Sheepdogs
  2. Border Collies
  3. Chihuahuas
  4. Cocker Spaniels
  5. Dachshunds
  6. Great Danes
  7. Pomeranians
  8. Welsh Corgis
  9. Weimaraner

Even though these breeds may carry the gene, this doesn’t mean that they will necessarily come up with each and every one of the breed! They are much more likely to have amber or blue eyes.

There are also two breeds which come with very pale green/blue eyes – you may want to form your own opinion on whether these breeds truly have green eyes. But the breeds are Pomeranian Huskies and American Pit Bull Terriers.

The reason why some breeds come without brown eyes is based on the simple fact that they don’t have the brown pigment in their eyes. Green eyed dogs will either have very little or no pigment at all, this allows light to refract and bend when it travels through the eye’s lens which is clear. So, really, dogs’ eyes are just like the sea and the sky!

More About Dogs with Green Eyes

 We’ve only covered the smallest part of a dog’s genealogy to give you an indication of how most dogs end up with green eyes but bear in mind that it is actually affected by plenty of different genes! Sadly, some of these genes mean that dogs who carry the Merle gene aren’t the healthiest and happiest of dogs! Merle gene-carrying dogs mainly suffer from problems in relation to their ears and their beautiful green eyes!

The most common problems include deafness which can range in severity. This is due to the eumelanin gene (the merle gene) affecting the structure of the inner ear, limiting the stimulation to the dog’s inner and middle ears in the presence of soundwaves. So, this is something that you’ll need to take into consideration if you are looking for a dog with green eyes! The Merle gene also often impacts the eyesight, resulting in conditions such as glaucoma – pressure on the eye, or poor refraction.

The dog breed which you will most commonly see with green eyes are American Pit Bulls, however, in many places around the world, the Pit Bull is a banned breed – which we will go into more detail about further down in this article. But it is worth noting that cross-breeds and non-purebred dogs can also have green eyes, so there you have yet another option when it comes to finding a green-eyed dog!

Even though plenty of breeders have tried to supply the demand of dogs with green eyes, green eyes are impossible to engineer sadly! As this would require pinpointing the exact lack of pigment which means that dogs usually have brown eyes!

But isn’t it a little more special that it all comes down to pot luck? It is also worth noting that you won’t be able to tell how a dog’s eyes are going to change colour as they grow to full age. Puppies may be born with green eyes, but they may transform to amber by the time they have fully grown. This is due to the puppy producing more pigment after they are born.

Interesting Green Eye Facts

If you find that it is too hard to find a dog with green eyes, you can always just wait to see any dog’s eyes light up green in the dark!

You may have already noticed this if you’ve tried to take a picture of a dog in the dark, but just in case you weren’t aware of this interesting trait, we’ll fill you in so you don’t get the fear that your dog has been demonically possessed! In the dark, their eyes act like mirrors refracting rays of light at the same time as making the best use of the light in the dark. This is what gives dogs the almost superpower of night vision. A few other animals also experience this such as cows, deer, and horses.

The Most Common Green-Eyed Breeds

As we briefly touched upon before, American Pit Bulls and Pomskies are the two breeds which will most commonly have green eyes.

But in the course of history, the American Pit Bull Terrier has been regarded as a dangerous dog for its participation in fighting and other horrific blood sports such as bull and bear baiting. Thankfully, this was outlawed in 1835 in the UK, but that didn’t stop generations of dog owners all using the Pit Bulls strength for profit via sports. Likewise, the pit bull has also been used as a status dog by owners who train aggression into them.

We know that there is no such thing as a dangerous breed, only dangerous owners, however, this doesn’t change the ban which is in place. Regardless of how adorable a Pit Bull can be as a family pet. You don’t get much more loyal than a pit bull. However, those who do find a way to own one of these banned breeds will notice that they will require plenty of exercise!

The Pit Bull breed was totally outlawed in the UK in 2014, it has also recently been banned in Australia, France, and Germany.

Some states in America will still allow you to own a Pit Bull, although you will want to make sure of the legislation before you adopt or buy a Pit Bull puppy!

So, for many people, the Pomsky is the best choice if you are searching for a green-eyed breed. The cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian makes for an adorable pup and it has got increasingly more popular over the last few years. You shouldn’t expect it to grow taller than 15 inches, or heavier than 30 pounds.

However, be warned, a Pomsky is usually a 15-year commitment, so make sure that you are up to caring for this breed!

The Pomsky gets the raw power from the Husky side – which shouldn’t be a surprise as they were bred for long distance journeys across snow and ice whilst dragging heavy hauls! The Pomsky will also inherit the hardiness from the Husky side, whereas the Pom side of the genealogy will ensure that you’re left with a cute and affectionate breed who will love being pampered.

As you could expect, the Siberian Husky will be the mother and the Pomeranian will be the father of the Pomsky. However, this most often involves artificial insemination. There tends to be a lot of variety in how the pups from the cross-breeding will turn out, so just be aware that you will be taking part in a lottery by seeing which kind of dog comes out! But one thing which is a given is that you will be left with a super fluffy coat which will need very regular grooming! Particular care to their coats is recommended especially as they have their bi-annual sheds in spring and fall!

 If you want to find out more about any of the breeds which we have covered in this article, you can always head on over to our breed page and check out more information. We have every dog breed which has been registered by the AKC along with other dogs from all over the world! 

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