Dogs That Look Like Famous People

Dogs That Look Like Famous People
May 26, 2019

Is there anything as amusing as dogs that look like famous people? Probably not, which is exactly why we have collated a list of the finest dog/celebrity doppelgangers available online for your pleasure.

If you’re lucky, you will have had the opportunity to spot your own dog doppelganger, if not, you’re sure to appreciate all of these dogs which no one can deny resembling some of our well-loved popular figures. If you’re having a bad day, this is one sure fire way to cheer you up. While you may end up feeling slightly sorry for some of the dogs – or some of the celebrities in some cases you’re going to love the likeness. It’s a common trait in people to find humanistic qualities in things which aren’t human. Whether that’s finding Jesus on a piece of toast, or a celebrity’s face on a dog’s body, it really does never get old.

It isn’t likely that you will see any more characterful dogs than the pooches on our line-up. Here’s our top ten!

  1. Snoop Dogg Sees Double

Whether you’re a lover of Hip Hop or not, there’s no denying that Snoop Dogg is one of the most lovable popular figures around. So, finding a cheerful whippet which seems to have the exact same grin as our favourite stoner was always going to be endearing. Hopefully, the whippet was this happy without the use of mind-altering substances!

  1. We Don’t Think This Dog Likes Snakes Either

Boxer dogs have never had the happiest of faces, have they? They’re still absolutely adorable, but they will never be the epitome of happiness and glee. So, this stern boy in the bath just so happens to resemble one of our most foul-mouthed of favourite actors. Samuel L Jackson’s face may not always look that scary – we are hoping that the dog doesn’t always look that moody too!

  1. This Dog Probably Became the One that Many People Wanted

There aren’t many people with a face as distinctive as John Travolta, his big broad chin, stunning blue eyes, you’d think that he would be the last celebrity to have a dog doppelganger. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at dogs on the internet but I am absolutely convinced that I will never see one which resembles this beautiful bull breed. It is almost too hard to believe that he’s real!

  1.  Ron Pearlman Gets Another Doppelganger

Poor Ron Pearlman, his face is constantly resembling animals, first, it was a very mean looking ginger cat, now he shares the resemblance of a mixed breed poodle. It’s so much more than just a similar facial shape, look at the eyes! I’ve pretty much got chills about this one!

  1. Han Solo is a Good Boi

Love him or hate him for it, but Harrison Ford has always come with a slightly bemused smirk as though the world is slightly beneath him. This adorable Golden Retriever seems to share the same disdain for life. There’s even the same puzzled expression in the eyebrows making this Lab possibly the cutest dog twin we have ever seen!

  1. A Very Unlucky Dog

Do we think that the owner of the dog who looks a little bit like Donald Trump loved them a little less when they realised the resemblance? We really hope not. But there’s no denying that the messy look which this dog is rocking is very similar to Donald Trump’s fly away blonde tresses. If any dog which looks like a celebrity should be offended it is this poor pooch – at least the dog’s hair is 100% real!

  1. This Chinese Crested Puts Forward Their Best Poker Face!

Even though Lady Gaga may be one of the most glamorous Pop icons which we have ever seen, this rather scruffy Chinese Crested shares a remarkable resemblance… well, in this picture anyway. Usually, Gaga is one of the most composed elegant women, but it’s always okay to sweat on stage – yes that goes for women as well as men.

  1. This Puppy Falls into Some Bad History

Given that Hitler was pretty much the only person who was stupid enough to rock this facial hair, every pooch unlucky enough to be born with a black square under their noses will always be said to have a resemblance to him. Although, the black and white puppy also seems to have the comb-over which Hitler rocked too! I’m sure that they will definitely have better morals than Hitler!

  1. Pretty Dog

Julia Roberts posses some of the most enviable hair ever. Many women would kill for long, thick and luscious hair which resembles Julia Roberts’, now they will have to envy the hair of this gorgeous dog. The hair may be the only real reminiscence, but you can definitely still appreciate that if any dog looks like Julia Roberts – it is this one.

  1. Poor Whoopi.

Of all the types of dog’s coats, there aren’t many which are as absolutely adorable as the Komondor sheepdog. Their coat type allows them to be the best protector of sheep by resembling one!  Someone didn’t fail to see the likeness between Whoopi Goldberg and this dog. While it is mainly just all down to the hair, it’s still pretty endearing to see.

If you’ve fallen in love with any of the breeds which feature on this list of dogs which look like celebrities, you can find out more information about them by heading over to our breed description pages where you will get to find out all about them.

Or, if you are looking for the perfect pooch to bring home, you can always cast your eyes over our Puppies for sale ads – because adorable dogs don’t need to belong to other people! You may even find your very own doppelganger on there! While it isn’t likely, there will definitely be some adorable pups waiting for their forever home!