Top 10 fastest dog breeds

Top 10 fastest dog breeds
May 6, 2019

People always find different qualities in dogs to favour, for some, they appreciate how cute a dog is, or how fluffy and adorable that they are. But for some, speed is everything. While Some prefer larger breeds, which are capable of frightening strangers and guarding their house, there plenty more people who are looking for a friendly, relaxed and personable dog. 

There are companion dogs, hunters, “nurses” and others. Some breeds are prized for their strength, others - for their dedication and endurance. However, there are dog breeds that are prized for their primary quality: to develop an incredible speed.

World’s fastest dog

It was difficult to determine which the fastest dogs are, but since the first book of Guinness World Records released, we can track these records easily. In 1994 a record was set - the English Greyhound named Star tight showed a speed of 67.32 kilometers per hour and became the fastest dog in the world. Billions of dollars are spent every year on Greyhound races, but this record still stands.


1. English Greyhound

To this day  the English Greyhound is a world leader in terms of speed. It can reach speeds of up to 70 km per hour when running a short distance. While many dog breeds haven’t been around for all too long, the English Greyhound is among the most ancient breeds of dogs. Although the Greyhound is large, this does not prevent it to be dainty and graceful dog. Smooth hair, slender body, long neck, muscular legs and chest. According to scientists, this breed is the fastest mammal after the cheetah. Regardless of the wonderful sporting qualities, the Greyhound is a slacker and perfectly gets in the role of companion and friend of children. These are healthy dogs with stable psyche who will love nothing more than curling up with you on the sofa after you have got rid of your excess energy. For high energy dog owners, there are no better options for fast breeds of dog than the English Greyhound. They are also one of the most common fast dog breeds so you won’t have all too much trouble finding a puppy, or if you head down to any shelter, there are bound to be a few ex-racing greyhounds knocking around! 

2. Persian greyhound


The Persian greyhound or Saluki is considered the ancestor of the greyhound. The Saluki name comes from the ancient city Salyuk in the Arabian Peninsula. In ancient Egypt, they were pets of chiefs and people of the Pharaohs, they played a very pivotal role in these civilisations, upon a Pharaoh's death, the dogs were embalmed like pharaohs and laid in tombs with them. These dogs can run with more than 60 kilometres per hour, but unlike Greyhounds are able to maintain this speed for hours and are very durable. At distances over 800 meters Saluki is not only not inferior to the Greyhound but even shows better results. It is an excellent companion and a good guard. This breed is very healthy and clean.

3. Azavak


Third place in the ranking of speed is for the Azavak. The representatives of this breed run with more than 60 kilometers per hour behind them. Hunting with an Azavak has its peculiarities. It can catch even the fastest animal and then wait for its master. These African greyhounds are equivalent to their relative northern athletes. They develop high speed and are extremely durable. This breed is well adapted to the conditions of the African climate and living in a desert. They withstand heat and the structure of their clutches with membranes between fingers allow them to not sink into the sandy soil while running. In Europe, African greyhounds appeared only in 1970 and FCI recognized the breed in 1981. The Azavak has an independent character and isn’t overly pleased at the sight of strangers, but it is infinitely faithful to its owner.

4. Whippet


The Whippet ranks fourth in speed. This dog is very nice and gentle and runs with about 70 kilometres per hour. It is an excellent athlete and can be a great guide dog. The Whippet is a small English hound whose exterior combines strength, elegance and grace. This dog was created for speed running and hunting. This is a young breed which resulted from crosses of small Greyhound with different terriers and an Italian greyhound. Its delicate, gentle nature and devotion to its master, the lack of aggression towards animals and people make the Whippet a wonderful pet.

5. Italian greyhound

Italian Greyhound

Fifth place is for the Italian greyhound, which is also known as Levret, a name that comes from the French word "lièvre" (rabbit). Regardless of its Italian name, the country of origin is Greece, where the breed was created more than two thousand years ago. For the ancient Greeks, these dogs were officers that required special treatment. Their beautiful appearance has inspired artists and there are quite a few drawings with their images. This breed is mentioned in the works of Pushkin, Dostoevsky and Flaubert. They were loved by Catherine the Great. These are small aristocratic dogs, favourites of kings and queens. Although seeming fragile and delicate, they are actually very tough and tireless. They are very loyal to their owners and are especially popular nowadays.

6. Russian hunting sighthound

Russian hunting sighthound

Russian Borzoi was a must for kennels of Russian landowners of XIX century. This greyhound runs with a speed of 55 km per hour. Because of their docile nature and exceptional speed, they enjoy the deserved respect among hunters. This is one of the most beautiful breeds in the world. They are a symbol of Russian aristocracy. In XVII- XIX hunting with hounds was very popular. They were highly valued and were given away to eminent personalities. This breed is the result of a cross between Arabian hound with a Russian wolf type dog.

7. Afghan hound

Afghan Hound

The Afghan hound is seventh in this ranking. This is a magnificent and very elegant dog which differs from their own kind of royal grandeur and dignity. Afghan hounds can run with at least 50 kilometres per hour, and some can reach speeds up to 60 km per hour. The exotic appearance of these dogs combines strength, beauty and elegance. In its homeland, Afghan hounds are a national pride and wealth of the country. They have a reputation for being fearless and fast hunters because for centuries they were reliable assistants in hunting wolves, jackals and leopards. It is important to know that throughout its long history this breed has undergone very little change. For a long time, it was forbidden to sell and export it abroad. The Afghan hound does not coexist well with other animals and is not very friendly when meeting dogs for a walk or exhibitions. This breed is not just beautiful, but also obedient, calm and a great companion.

8. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

Eighth place is for the Siberian Husky. It runs with 30 km per hour with a sledge. A husky run cross country and haul a load of at least 100 kg - sledge and people. The endurance of these Nordic beauties astonishes because they can run for several days as the only rest a little at night. Each year a championship is held in Alaska, which lasts three days and in that time the dogs have to overcome 32 43 km. Even a horse couldn't withstand this. It is also a loving, playful, loves children and can be an excellent companion. You need a lot of patience and determination to deal with the independence of this breed. Husky is clever but is subject to only one master. Moreover, it is very energetic, loves to run and roam. It likes to howl against offenders, not to bark. However, it loves to be surrounded by people.

9. African wild dog

African wild dog (Lyacon)

In the list of the ten fastest dogs enter we can put the African wild dog (Lycaon) which can run at speeds up to 55 km per hour on long distance and near 70 kilometres per hour in a sprint. They are hunters of antelopes, zebras and gazelles. They are the same size as domestic dogs. In the wild, there are no more than 3,000 of them, according to environmentalists. African wild dogs inhabit mostly Savannah south of the Sahara to the Transvaal, but never in the jungle. They live in groups throughout the year. Lead a nomadic life within the hunting area covering 100-200 sq. km. With his gait, colourful and spotted coat and his big rounded ears, the Wild dog can be easily distinguished from jackals who are its closest relatives and live in African Savannah. Other features, however - sociability and method of hunting distinguish it from them. Its coat is a mixture of black, yellow and white pattern. African wild dogs hunt thanks to their unusually sharp vision. The survival of this breed is endangered due to human population growth and industrialization.

10. Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound is considered the most ancient breed of dogs. Its homeland is Malta, where to this day, these dogs are used for hunting rabbits. They are a national pride of the country and even in 1979, there was a minted coin with their image. Pharaoh Hound accelerates up to 65 km per hour and is able to run in for 5-6 hours in rough terrain. It is called Pharaoh as images of dogs resembling the modern representatives of the breed can be seen on ancient Egyptian drawings. The Pharaoh Hound is considered a thoroughbred as it was never mixed with other dogs and virtually not changed in millenniums. The ancient Egyptian god Anubis is depicted with the head of a dog, which is the head of the Pharaoh Hound. Priests in ancient Egypt believed that Pharaoh Hound is the earthly incarnation of the god Anubis and worshipped dogs of this breed. Today it is a pretty rare dog. It is bred mainly in the US but also in Scandinavia. Pharaoh Hound does not tolerate cold weather, it is suitable for warmer climates. It is very gentle to children and is suitable for people who do not show aggression because it is a very sensitive creature.