Why Do Dogs Always Sneeze When They Are on their Backs?

Why Do Dogs Always Sneeze When They Are on their Backs?
June 13, 2019

Any owners of very playful dogs may have noticed that every time that their dog is rolling around on their backs they start to sneeze. Naturally, this has plenty of people looking for answers to the question of ‘why do dogs always sneeze when they are on their backs?’

The answer to that question is fairly simple, and it is all too do with their saliva. When a dog rolls on its back, this is an incredibly unnatural position for a dog to be in. You’ll notice that when a dog lies down to sleep, usually, they will either do so by flopping onto their sides or by putting their heads between their paws and having a little snooze that way.

So, when a dog rolls n their backs, they are likely to have their saliva drip down into their nasal passages. It is a completely natural reaction for a dog to try and protect their respiratory system from foreign particles. So as a natural response, your dog will force the saliva which has dripped down out of their nose. Just hope that you’re not in the trajectory of the sneeze when this happens.

Although, there is also another reason why your dog starts to sneeze when they are in full on play mode on their backs. When your dog is excited, you may notice that they wrinkle their nose slightly as they grin and show their teeth in a playful way, this can lead to a tickling sensation on the nose and trigger a sneeze. Don’t forget how incredibly sensitive a dog’s nose is!

Any bouts of sneezing shouldn’t last long, and it should stop shortly after they get in an upright position.

Just remember, that dogs have plenty of other reasons to sneeze, and if this is a repeated problem, even when they are not lying on their backs, you may want to check with your vet what is causing the issue. We don’t mean to put a downer on the adorable information which you have just learned about your pet, but it is always important to be vigilant when it comes to your dog’s health. Just don’t end up taking your dog to the vet if they are sneezing when they are on their backs, it definitely requires no medical intervention. And remember, they must know that sneezing is a consequence of laying on their backs after they have done it for a fair few times – but it mustn’t be all that much of an issue for them!

Here are some other frequently asked questions when it comes to sneezes, odd sleeping positions and plenty more fun facts.

Is it Dangerous for a Dog to Lay on Their Back?

 In the wild, you would never have caught a dog lying on their back. It is in a dog’s best interest to keep their bellies protected. So this means, that if your dog does regularly sleep on their back they must feel incredibly safe in their environment. There is definitely nothing wrong with your dog if they have started choosing to sleep on their backs, some dogs just like to sleep this way.

Why Do Dogs Roll onto Their Backs While They Are Playing?

As we touched on earlier, dogs regard their stomachs as a sensitive area of their bodies – and they’re absolutely right to considering the among of vital organs which are just behind the stomach. A dog will roll onto their back in an act of submission, while this may make it sound like the pup doesn’t enjoy the play, it absolutely does. Dogs roll onto their backs during play to show that they are completely comfortable and 100% trust you with their lives – is there anything more adorable than that?

Do Dogs Sneeze for Attention?

Sneezing for attention sounds like an incredibly strange thing for a dog to do, but as usual, there is a method behind your dog’s seeming madness! If a dog has ever got sick from a cold or allergies, it may pick up on the fact that sneezing seems to get the dog plenty of fuss and attention for their owner. They will see the attention as a reward for the sneeze and start doing it more often in the hopes it will get some extra tender loving care – or even better – some treats! So, oddly enough your pet will sneeze much less when you’re not in the same room as them, or when you’re not home at all!

What are the Main Reasons Why My Dog is Sneezing?

 As we said earlier, the occasional sneeze is nothing to worry about, just as you wouldn’t go to the doctors if you had sneezed a couple of times during the day. Dog’s noses are sensitive in every single way, so there are always going to be plenty of reasons why they are sneezing in the simple act of forcing air and mucus out of their nose.

  1. Dogs sniff everything, it’s only natural that they will hoover up some irritants as they do so. This can be anything from dust to pollen to random debris.
  2. Dogs can develop allergies to pretty much anything and can be heavily affected by seasonal allergies.
  3. While it is fairly uncommon, dogs can end up with foreign objects lodged up their noses. If this happens, it is likely that they will have sneezing fits which happen continuously and you’ll need to contact your vet.
  4. Sneezing can also be due to dental issues oddly enough, the roots of a dogs top teeth are very close to the nasal cavity, so, if your dog is suffering from an abscess this may cause them to sneeze.
  5. They’re pretty unheard of, but there are no prizes for guessing how nasal mites could make your dog sneeze!
  6. Just as we pick up colds and bacterial viruses, the same can happen with our canine friends, usually, it is little cause for concern, but be on the lookout for any other symptoms which are worrying.
  7. Fungal infections can grow inside the nasal cavity and lead to bouts of sneezing along with some other more serious complications.
  8. Excitement sneezes – we’ve already covered those.
  9. Sadly, some instances of repeated sneezing are due to nasal tumours, however, these tumours can be treatable.