Misoprostol for Dogs

Misoprostol for Dogs
June 28, 2019

Misoprostol is a form of treatment which is regularly prescribed to dogs who are having problems with the amount of acid in their stomachs. This article will tell you all you need to know about Misoprostol – but remember, the advice given here isn’t intended to replace the advice of your vet or your dog’s health care specialist. 

Why Do Vets Prescribe Misoprostol?

 Misoprostol works as a treatment for dogs with stomach ulcers, but it can also prevent the development of stomach ulcers. Misoprostol may be prescribed alongside non-steroidal anti-inflammatory treatments, as this is known to increase the chances of your dog forming stomach ulcers. Misoprostol is effective as it reduces the amount of gastric acid in the stomach and helps the stomach lining to protect itself against the acid damage. 

You won’t be able to buy Misoprostol without a vet’s prescription as you will need to ensure that the dosage is correct. 

There are a variety of conditions which your vet may suggest Misoprostol as the best course of treatment, which we will touch on down below. 

Misoprostol Uses 

 1. The primary reason for the prescription is the treatment and prevention of stomach ulcers in dogs. 

2. Misoprostol is also sometimes used to induce abortions for dogs, therefore it is important that you must take extra care with breeding dogs or dogs which may be pregnant. Always make sure that you make your vet aware if your dog could be pregnant so they can perform a pregnancy test. 

3. Recently, it has been noted that Misoprostol can be of great benefit when it comes to treating dogs who suffer from allergies. 

How Do Dogs Take Misoprostol? 

 We can offer some guidelines on how you should give your dog their Misoprostol, but it is essential that you follow your vet’s advice and always read the leaflet which comes with the medication. 

Misoprostol can either come in liquid form or in the form of capsules if your dog has been given liquid Misoprostol take extra care measuring the dose and never give more than what your vet has recommended. If your dog appears healthier or better before you have finished the course of the treatment, don’t stop giving your dog the Misoprostol as they will need to finish the course! 

Misoprostol may need to be given to your dog once a day or multiple times throughout the day – every case is different. Regardless of how many daily doses your dog needs to take, make sure that you give the doses at the same time every day. So, if you start the treatment on the weekend, make sure that you would be able to give them the treatment at the same time on a weekday. You will also want to ensure that the treatment isn’t given on an empty stomach – such is the case with most medications. Misoprostol like many other treatments for your dog works best after a light meal. 

Always follow your vet’s instructions to the letter with Misoprostol never giving more or more often than it is needed. Your vet will have given your pet the dosage based on their weight and their condition. Never follow anyone else’s advice to stop giving this medication to your pet. 

If you know that your pet is due a refill, make sure you call your vet with plenty of time to spare as having a gap in treatment may hinder the progress your pet is making. And remember, Misoprostol is also used for preventative treatments, so gaps in the treatment will mean that your dog is unprotected. 

As Misoprostol can induce abortions for dogs, it is crucial that pregnant women or women looking to conceive do not handle this medication under any circumstances. 

What If I Accidentally Forget to Give My Dog their Dose? 

 This depends on how late their dose is. In every case, give your pet a dose as soon as you have remembered. If you have remembered with not much time in between the missed dose and the next dose, forget about the dose which you missed and continue with your dog’s regular treatment schedule. Under no circumstances give your dog two doses of Misoprostol at once. Although the side effects of Misoprostol are very minimal in most cases, like all drugs it is possible to overdose. 

Storing Misoprostol Appropriately 

 1. Always make sure that your dog’s treatment is well out of reach for animals and children. 

2. Misoprostol should be stored in a dry and cool place, preferably at room temperature. Always keep Misoprostol away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. 

3. Ensure that you do not store Misoprostol anywhere which is damp, moist or humid in your home. This includes in the bathroom, or near the kitchen sink. Misoprostol has been known to break down when exposed to moisture and heat and therefore becomes less effective. If you are worried that this has happened with your Misoprostol, call the vet immediately to ask for some more. 

Side effects of Misoprostol for Dogs 

 The most commonly reported side effect when it comes to Misoprostol are stomach upsets. This may include gas, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhoea. These side effects are most likely to happen when the treatment first starts. If they continue for several days or the side effects end up becoming too severe, it is recommended that you talk to your vet as you pet may need smaller doses, or, your pet may need to be put on a special diet while they are taking the Misoprostol. 

If you notice any other worrying side effects, do not hesitate to contact your vet. 

Misoprostol and Other Drug Interactions 

 Make sure that you take a full list of your dog’s medications to the vet before they start any new treatments as there are some other medications which may adversely interact with the Misoprostol. 

It is quite often the case that more than one treatments are given by your vet at the same time, this may affect the dosage of the Misoprostol, so you may notice that your dog will need to take more or less Misoprostol for a longer or shorter duration. Depending on the other drug which your dog is taking, your vet may need to monitor your pet during the course of their treatment. 

Generally, it is magnesium, antacids, and a diet which will affect the rate which Misoprostol is absorbed by.