Top cute dog videos from youtube

Top cute dog videos from youtube
April 5, 2018

1. Calm down little boxer

Check how this little German Boxer going  to sleep after sucking baby's pacifier. Cuteness!

2.Mad kitty

What do you think , is this kittne is mad, angry or he just want to play with his buddy?

3.Grooming a dog. Prearing for a dog show.

Some dogs really like preparation for dog shows and feel comfortable while being groomed

4.Congratulate the dog , solved his puzzle!

Some dogs are really inteligent creatures, if only they had hands like humans do!

5.Dog dance. Come on and dance with me!

Come on and dance with me! We all have such friends like this dog do.

6.Ready to clean a room?

Do you know what is this dog breed? Yes, exactly, its Komondor

7.How dogs with different weights play together

Dont afraid to give a chance for little breeds to play with giants, check the video and see how fun it is

8.Gangsta dog

On this funny video a gangsta gang is chiling. Really funny hamster

9.Wise doggy

Kids can be annoying. Funny video where dog revenges a kid , wise doggy :)

10.Who ate the cookie?

Never set up your partner, this cute puppy probably forgot this rule in this dog video

11.Funniest dog atack

Little dog breeds sometimes can really be annoying for their bigger fellas and sometimes they nee a lot of patience