How to take care of new born puppies

How to take care of new born puppies
April 2, 2018

Are you wondering how you are supposed to take care of newborn puppies? The first thing to do before you pick up a newborn puppy is to wash your hands thoroughly, not just with any soap but with an antibacterial soap. This will ensure that the puppy will not be infected with any diseases since their immune system has not fully developed, they are very vulnerable to diseases and viruses ath this time. Once your hands are cleaned, you can pick up the puppy and check the overall health. Newborn puppies do not move around, and their eyes are closed some days. Be sure that your puppy is active, and is taking milk from its mother .

  • Newborn puppies, up to 2 weeks old.


Newborn Puppies are toothless, deaf and blind. In the first week of pup's life, puppy spends about 10% of his time eating, and the rest 90% sleeping. They crawl, but not walk properly. The puppy's eyes will open while puppy will be between one and two weeks old and he will start to hear around 2 weeks ald. At this age, Pups will whimper when they are hungry or uncomfortable and totally relies on their mother for those first two weeks.

It is necessary for you to allow the puppy stay with the mother for a few weeks as this will give the chance for  mother to  teach the puppy dog discipline. The puppy’s mother teaches the fundamental behavioral aspects which are important for proper behavioral development.

  • 2 weeks- 4 weeks old puppies


From two to four weeks , the pups’ teeth will start growing. Around four to six weeks of age, you will be able to see the teeth  and gum by looking puppies mouth. At this stage, your puppy will be teething, and it's vital to give the puppy a chewing toy, which is essential for proper development of his teeth. Make sure that the teeth are not chipped or broken. The tongue should be pink in color and the gums the palate. But if it is white, it is usually a sign deficiency of oxygen; therefore, your puppy needs to be taken the vet as soon as possible.  Also, check the puppy's eyes, to make sure there isn't a discharge dripping from the eyes, and the puppy seems to alert visually. Also, the puppy's ears to be sure that the puppy does not have any blockage or discharge in the ears. Furthermore, make sure there are no infections or wounds in the ear. General inspect the whole body and make sure it is nice and bright, and that there is no discharge from the nose coming out. Thus in the end; always make sure your new puppy receives the proper shots by visiting the vet.