How to choose the right dog

How to choose the right dog
September 11, 2018

The most important question - there are so many dogs and puppies for sale, which one to choose? This must be coordinated with all family members. It is natural to choose a breed that you like the most. To make the right choice, first you should read the relevant literature or consult a specialist. You can talk with friends who own dogs and have the experience and skill in raising them. We advise you to act with a sense of responsibility to the obligation you take and to realize the decisive step, that you intended to make in your life. Estimate your abilities and do not succumb to the fashions or the first impressions of a dog, accidentally encountered on the street.

Basic guidelines to follow before choosing a breed

The character of your future pet

Dogs, that are a cross between two breeds, carry a mix of genes and characteristics typical of both breeds , from which they where originated. The puppy should have a temperament similar to your family members. If children are sociable and love to go out, then you should choose a kind and energetic breed. For more introvert children, the best choice is a dog with an inner attitude to protect those they love. When the time comes , it is best if the whole family can come to see the puppies for sale, before you choose the new occupant of your home.

Specifics of care

Buying a dog is an important decision that should be well thought in advance, in the presence of all family members, including children. Everyone should share which is their favorite breed, are they aware of the responsibility they should take for the dog. Parents must realize, that there will be many cases in which children will forget their obligations. "Time" factor is very important. No matter what breed you chose, you need to devote some time - in games activities, juggling, walking. Every dog should receive appropriate care, which generally consist: proper nutrition with good food, walks, regular brushing, bathing and preventive examinations. Each breed has its own specific grooming requirements. Dogs with long, thick hair should be combed more frequently (several times a week). If the care will be performed mainly by children, it would be more appropriate to buy a dog whose hair does not fall much. Small and older dogs require more care and this responsibility should not fall entirely to the hands of children.


The finances required to raise a dog usually far exceed the amount you pay to obtain him. Before you buy a pet it is better to parse the family budget and to calculate the average new costs that will arise after the emergence of new friend in the house. Expenses for large breeds are much higher compared to smaller breeds. On one hand, large dogs consuming large quantities of food, the treatment of diseases and health problems is more expensive. On the other hand, small breeds can also create heavy costs that could seriously strain the family budget. Purebred puppies not only are an expensive purchase, but they have genes that make them prone to certain diseases. If your dog is a descendant of mixed breed, the risk of serious diseases is too high. When you calculate the average monthly expenses, you should take into consideration food, health care, grooming, etc.

puppy playing

The right breed depending on your location

In the city

90% of the town population live in apartments. In this case we recommend smaller dogs like Schnauzers (9 out of 10 dog owners in Paris have Schnauzers, this the reason why there are more dogs for sale puppies for sale of smaller breeds in big cities, than in the countryside), Chi-hua-hua, Bolognese, Mitelshnautser, small Spitz and others. If you still want to have a big animal in your apartment, choose a breed with a calm and balanced character as German Shepherd, St. Bernard, Pyrenean Shepherd Dog, Mastiff or Labrador. These dogs get along great with children, but they need to spend at least two or three hours a day in walking and exercise. These dogs are quiet, even when left alone at home. For people who live in small and medium-sized apartments, it would be better to choose Welsh Corgis, Beagles, Maltese, Pug, Chihuahua, Pekingese etc. Listed breeds are easier to adapt to life in an apartment and do not require too long walks and movement.

In the countryside

If you live in a small village, in the countryside, you could choose from larger breed puppies for sale ,who enjoy open spaces. Keep in mind the temperature in you region, because these dogs spend a lot of time outside. For example Bulldog and Pugs are prone to respiratory problems, initiated by high temperatures.

In a house deep in the nature

The dog you choose should fit as much as possible in the environment. Representatives of larger breeds such as Labrador Retriever, German and all kind of Shepherds and St Bernard are more suitable for families living in spacious homes, where there is enough space to play. It is recommended to raise bigger dogs in extensive locations offering space both inside and outside like houses with a yard.

What is your lifestyle

You have limited free time

Whimpering and barking is extremely unpleasant for your neighbors. Left alone, your dog can become restless - biting, scratching and barking. This is particularly true for hunting and northern breeds, so we do not recommend them, if you are away for long periods during the day. Left alone, quiet are German Shepherds, Doberman, Great Dane, St. Bernard (who loves children), Bullmastiff, Pyrenean shepherd, Poodle, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Scottish Shepherd and others.

You are an active person with more free time

The character of the dog reflects the one of the owner. Easily excitable and nervous people tend to transmit this to their dog. People with this character is better to buy dogs from breeds that are calm and poised as St. Bernard, Bernese mountain dog ,Pyrenees sheepdog, German Shepherd dog or Danish Dog. It is well known that dogs are active animals and love to spend time playing. If you don't intend to leave your pet alone, choose a friendly and docile animal. This may be a good hunting dog, Shepherd or Pit Bull.

If you love nature and have an active personality (love walking in the mountains,go fishing, exercise, hunt) you should pick a dog with a high level of activity and energy. Good choice are hunting breeds: Pointer, Hungarian Vizla, English Setter, Labrador, Beagle, Jack Russell terrier, Fox terrier, Drathaar etc. All these breeds need long walks outdoors and will fit perfectly on your active lifestyle.

You or someone in your family has allergies

Pre-determine if a family member suffers from asthma or allergies. Maltese, Cao di Agua (also called Portuguese water dog) and Shu Tzu are the easiest breeds to grow and especially suitable for people with allergies.

All dogs produce strong allergen - protein Can fl. But there are breeds that do not moult or do not have it at all, and those that produce less allergens.

The Portuguese Water Dog coat does not change, and it is considered hypoallergenic. The US president has such a dog. His two daughters are allergic and have no problems.

Chinese crested dog can be hairy and hairless. The skin of these dogs is mild and does not peel. There is another breed of hairless dogs - Mexican naked dog.

Schnauzers have a hard coat, almost did not change and not "smell like a dog". Fur of poodles do not pull - grows continuously and shear. It is considered one of the safest for allergic people.

Kerry Blue Terrier, Bedlington Terriers and Wheaten Terrier are also breeds that do not change their fur.

saint Bernard puppy

What is your family


You have a young family with children

The family, which is about to adopt a dog , must be clearly aware that it is important to the pet's needs. Many children show great enthusiasm at the idea of watching a dog, but later notice that daily walking takes time, which is sometimes difficult to them. Dogs need a minimum of one hour per day to be outside. So before you pick a specific breed , you must be certain that all the family members will be able to provide the dog with daily activities and take care of him. If you have children who are very engaged in domestic duties, you shouldn't choose an easily irritable and emotional dog. A good choice would be a kind and calm puppy that can withstand the child abuse and pranks. These are German Shepherd, Labrador, St. Bernard, Pyrenean Shepherd, Newfoundland and Durga.

If your family have many children do not buy a mini poodle, Schnauzers, Bolognese, Yorkshire terrier, Chi-hua-hua, who could bite the kids while playing. The dog is not a doll or toy that can be dismantled or send away. All parents know this, but you must be able to teach your children too. For such families the best choice is a large and quiet by nature dog ,who will respect the kids with his size and be able to resist to countless games and even abuse. Do not allow children to become inquisitors of the animal, it is too dangerous for them and their future development as people.

Breeds suitable for older people

An elderly couple, already has enough time for each other and the new family member. He will bring excitement and emotion in their daily lives. This family should take a dog, whose dimensions are consistent with the physical capabilities of their age. You do not need a dog who will force you to run. Take a dog that you can manage and will obey you. Ideal breeds are Yorkshire terrier or Mini-poodle. We recommend that you buy a dog who is at least five months. At this age he is already calm, can control his physiological needs, and has developed the main features of his character. Older people have different needs. They spend most of their day at home without going out. When choosing from different puppies for sale, try a small or medium dog which can do his needs "on paper" without being troubled by the relatively immobile and closed life of his master. The right choice is limited to Bolognese, Tibetan Terrier, Bichon-Friese, a small Spitz and others. We do not recommend Shepherd, Doberman, Pointer or Labrador as these dogs are cheerful, energetic and strong-willed and their control and education can be very difficult.

You live by your own

Family without children, who are engaged throughout the day, should choose a quiet dog who can stay alone in the house and not require much movement. Suitable breeds are Scottish shepherd, English and French bulldog, Pug, Mini-poodle, and others.

The dog should carry out his physiological needs at the limited yard of your house. When you go out with him, always use a leash. As far as the life of the dog completely depends on you, yous should be absolutely responsible.

Choose from puppies for sale, depending on your needs

A companion dog

Your lifestyle, activity, age, and your needs will determine the correct solution. Moreover, it is very important what will be the purpose of your dog. If you have focused to a home dog you should know that your pet could live with you for 9-17 years. Suitable breeds of this type are Bouvier des Flandres, Boxer, Great Dane, Shepherd, St. Bernard, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever and other service dogs. These animals can be safely left alone at home , when you're at work, but at the same time are good home guards.

Guard dog

If you need reliable protection of home, property or family members, your orientation could be towards German or Pyrenean Shepherd, Rottweiler, Schnauzer, Scottish wolfhound and other breeds. Reliable guards can also be South and Caucasian shepherds, who are relatively easy to succumb to dressage.

Wonderful work can do also Staffordshire and Bull terrier, dog from Bordeaux, Akita, South Africa Ridgeback and many others. Properly trained dog will make your home inaccessible. If you buy a puppy from aforementioned breeds do not forget to start training him from an early age. These animals are suitable for people with experience and a strong character.

Dogs for competitions and exhibitions

Besides breeds and classes, exhibition dogs are divided in 10 breed groups by the FCI as follows:

  • Group 1: Sheepdogs and Cattle (except Swiss shepherd)
  • Group 2: Dogs type Pinscher, Schnauzer, molossoid and Swiss shepherd
  • Group 3: Terriers
  • Group 4: Dachshund
  • Group 5: Spitz-type dogs
  • Group 6: Beagles and bloodhound
  • Group 7: Hunting dogs working with stand
  • Group 8: Retrievers Dogs
  • Group 9: Decorative dogs
  • Group 10: Greyhounds

Everything you need to get started is a dog with a pedigree and know-how on how to present it. Of course, you need to do a lot of work, but the it is fascinating and cute and very often rewarded with huge success! Sometimes you can hear people talking - “ Poor dog, they torture him with exhibitions”, but in fact, they are the best canine specimens in the world. Perfect food, perfect shape, sport and exercise, perfect physique, expensive cosmetics, dietary supplements and crowded wardrobe! In fact, one of the places where you can learn the best way to grow your dog is precisely an exhibition!

This is a great exercise for your dog, you pay him more attention and led him to interesting places, enjoy his awesome exhibition ever after, because no matter how it is presented, the dog must stay with a good impression for the next time!

Where to buy from


Zoo market

NEVER buy a dog from a store. More than 70% of the puppies for sale in zoo markets are apathetic, distrustful, sick and distressed. We couldn't imagine how it feels to be locked in the narrow cage. The puppy make his physiological needs in space slightly larger than him, often for a long period of time , because the price is high and it is difficult to find a buyer.

Most of the puppies in cells are "import" , but Oh my god what an import.... Most often ,the unfortunate animals, were brought from the former Yugoslavia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, where they "produce" dogs on a conveyor. Female dogs give birth non-stop and the most basic breeding rules are not respected. In passports these people put fake stamps for vaccines and the dogs are exported abroad, where you can not trace their history.

So do not risk it. Buying a dog from store is a mistake that can cost you a lot. Do not rush to grab first seen animal - be careful because you choose a family member. All dogs deserve a good owner, but buying animals from shops, which only purpose is gain money, is silly. This way you doom other puppies for the same sad fate.

From a friend

The first and most important when buying a dog from someone you know is to trust the man. You must be sure that the parents and the puppy are carefully raised. It is imperative to receive the necessary documents proving the good health of the dog and its origin. The baby must have passport, the first two vaccines, de-worming.

However, to be completely sure of the origin and health of your puppy it is best to buy it from the official and secure breeder.

An official kennel

A good breeder will be very careful, what puppies for sale they offer. The future owner must also be careful when choosing a kennel. You can evaluate a breeder by what is more more important to him - properly developed - mentally and physically or just the looks. Take in consideration several factors: whether all his adult dogs are well socialized and trained; whether parents and all the other relatives of the puppy lived long enough; and whether your future puppy is socialized and trained.

Friendly puppies stand out when you meet them, so get to know as many relatives of the puppy. Friendliness is proof that this is a good breeder who knows what he is doing.

Beware of kennels who only want to show you the puppies. First, a good breeder will take the time to acquaint you with older dogs before you show the small ones. He will not let you leave with your dog if you do not know how to treat an adult dog.

The best indicator of good health, good behavior and temperament is the average life expectancy in the kennel.

Respected breeders have telephone numbers of the owners of the other puppies from the litter. If the breeder does not want to give you this information and tell you the average life expectancy and the possible diseases, look elsewhere. Eventually you will find a suitable kennel.

Here are some features of the most popular breeds:

Dachshund – suitable for both experienced and inexperienced owners. He can be aggressive toward strangers. Before he was appreciated for his ability to delve - he can now do it in your garden if you have one. They don't like to be touched.

Pinscher - very devoted dog, ideal for an apartment. He needs energetic owner who loves games. Very good climbers, but this could help him escape. Reserved towards strangers and other animals - wants to dominate smaller ones.

Cocker Spaniel - loves games and get along very well with strangers and children. Sociable, intelligent and friendly dog. Attached to their owners, he loves to be the center of attention. If you can not devote plenty of time and attention - this is not your puppy.

Yorkshire Terrier - hardly teaches to perform their natural needs in a particular place. By nature is sociable and adaptable dog. This is one of the most popular breeds - small, suitable for experienced and inexperienced farmers. Intelligent, energetic, but must be protected from large dogs - so do not leave him outside unattended.

Pug - intelligent, independent, stubborn, hates to be alone. You shouldn't shout at him – they are too sensitive.

Siberian Husky - friendly, curious and clever. Easy to train, but they need to know who is the leader in the family. If left bored can become destructive. Perfect guard dog.

Dalmatian - a companion and an excellent guard dog. Friendly, determined, not nervous or aggressive. Independent, sometimes stubborn and headstrong.

Labrador - one of the most intelligent breeds. Kind, good with kids, playful and loving. May be the best choice for family dog.

Now you are ready check our directory for available puppies for sale and dogs for sale  or if you need more information on breeds, check our breed description page

Finally you choose the right dog from variety of puppies for sale! Congratulations!

You need to be calm and patient. Be ready to sacrifice a lot of time and care. But we can assure you that you will get reciprocity , which will fully justify them.

And most importantly - never forget that the dog needs love and devotion!