Different types of brushes

Different types of brushes
March 14, 2019

Facts about dog coat brushing and different types of brushes

Each different breed of dog has different grooming needs. There are so many different types of coats for dogs so naturally, they will all have very different grooming needs. 

Depending on your dog’s personal grooming need (you can check all of the grooming needs for specific breeds over on our breed description pages) you’ll probably need to brush your dog’s hair regularly. Some dog breeds even require daily grooming! 

It doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes out of your day, and it will make all the difference to your pet! You’ll have to be able to clean and brush your dog at the same time as building a strong relationship with them. Remember that dogs have emotional needs too! Spending time with them and making that time enjoyable for them will do wonders for your relationship with your dog. 

Brushing your dog’s coat is essential to ensure that the dogs don’t experience matting and tangling which will result in hard patches of fur needing to be cut out. But it is also effective in keeping your dog’s hair strong and healthy, preventing your dog’s hair from falling on breaking. 

While you may not have to put just as much attention into your dog’s appearance as your own, it’s still important to ensure that dog still gets their pamper time! Trips to the groomers are necessary for some breeds, but mostly, you’ll be able to do it yourself in minutes.
 To help you understand how important the hair brushing activity is, below are listed a couple of problems that may occur when your dog's coat is not brushed appropriately.

 Pet Matting
 Fur mats are pieces of hair that can appear when your pet isn't brushed regularly. It may not seem important from our point of view, yet it can be extremely unpleasant and maybe painful for our pets. The genuine mats can transform into allergic reactions or even some significant skin issues. If the puppy's fur gets heavily tangled, the pet groomer will advise trimming your dog's hair.
 Summer Sores
 As pointed out, if you don't treat the mats in your dog's fur, they can turn into a real skin issue. Hot spot is a well-known problem which infects a dog's pores and skin. It causes oozing and irritation. This could be exceptionally painful for your pet and could result in hair trouble around the tainted spot.
 Hair Loss
 All dogs shed depending on the season and the most ideal approach to reducing it is by brushing their hair regularly. Brushing the dog utilizing a slicker brush can help you clean the “dead” hair. This can furthermore minimize the hair that you have to clean up at your home.
 Your Pet Will Look Fairly Scruffy!
 Brushing your puppy by utilizing a quality slicker brush can truly help to stop mats. The slicker brush can make the fur of your dog looks perfect. Therefore you won't need to wash your dog frequently and they will doubtlessly love you for this.
 Different breeds oblige different sort of dog brushes. For instance, it is not a good idea utilizing the same kind of brush on a Poodle and on a German Shepherd. Their hair is just not the same.
 There are 4 essential sorts of brushes: rakes, slickers, pins and bristles.

Just as humans will need different brushes based on the needs of their hair, so do dogs! While it may be tempting to pick up the only dog hair brush in the supermarket, or grab the cheapest one online, to give your dog the best care, you will want to ensure that you put plenty of thought into which kind of brush will benefit your dog the most. 

Some dogs have more sensitive skin than others, so, you’ll need to choose a brush which will be kinder to their skin. Remember that you will want to make your grooming time with your dog as enjoyable as possible. You won’t want them to resent you for carrying out essential grooming needs. 

 1.Slicker Brushes
 These brushes have short, fine wires near one another on a level surface. They are usually used on medium-to-curly or long-haired puppies. There are numerous types of slicker brushes but picking the right size with an adaptable handle is an unquestionable requirement. Slicker Dog Brush can be utilized on numerous dog breeds, including Yorkshire Terriers, Brilliant Retrievers, St. Bernards and Cocker Spaniels. Longer-haired dogs are more expected to create mats which should be removed. There are numerous puppy brushes accessible, the most important thing is to pick the right one.
 2. Rake Brushes 
 Rake brushes for dogs are intended to enter thick layers of fur and uproot tangles and dead undercoat close to the dog's skin. Frequently given the shape of a shaving razor these brushes have one or two columns of firmly divided pins. Like a razor, they are intended to be utilized on thick-haired dogs including German Shepherds, Chow Chows and Malamutes. These breeds truly create dead undercoats, particularly in shedding seasons, and their thick hairs have a tendency to trap debris. Rakes that are excessively short will miss the internal layer of undercoat, while rakes that are excessively long could irritate the skin.
 3. Bristle Brushes
 Dog bristle brushes are designed for short-haired, smooth-haired dogs that shed occasionally. They are made up of bunches of firmly stuffed common swarms will uproot detach hair and fortify the skin.
 Bristle brushes can be utilized on breeds like Italian Greyhounds, Pugs, Boston Terriers and Jack Russell Terriers.
 4. Pin Brushes
 Dog pin brushes are made in the ordinary oval-shape, with a closely organized set of adaptable wires with pins on top. They will remove detached hair before it is shed onto your furniture and are mostly used for finishing the grooming process.

Don’t forget a Flea Comb!

 Except for the brushes above, it is important to purchase a flea comb for your dog. Fleas can result in tingling, bothering and can prompt skin infections. Flea brushes can be utilized on any dog. If you are unsure which dog brush is suitable for your pet, get the details from websites designed for puppies for sale where they provide all details regarding hair brushing, tools and so on.
 Remember, brushing your dog's fur will take just a few minutes but it's both useful and fun. Don't forget to purchase a suitable brush for your dog.