100+ Funny Names for Dogs

100+ Funny Names for Dogs
October 4, 2018

Getting a dog should never be a light decision, neither should naming your dog. Once they’re used to their name, there’s no going back from it! So, we thought we’d give you a helping hand in deciding on the perfect name for your dog.

When it comes to naming your dog, try to come away from the usual thinking that their name needs to be gendered and traditional. Play around with the possibilities! Most of the names on our list will be hilarious for both male and female dogs. 

There’s a good chance your dog won’t get bullied for its name as a child would, so be as inventive as you like and make them that little bit more adorable. Perhaps you’re a fan of Pop Culture or clever word play, either way we’ve collated the ultimate list of hilarious dog names to choose from. 

Funny Dog Names for Pun Enthusiasts 

Winnie the Poodle 

Any fans of the classic cartoon are sure to fall in love with this name that takes them right back to the bumbling amiability of the lovable character. 

Spark Pug 

If your pug looks like a ball of energy, this one is an obvious choice which will go down well with motor enthusiasts! 

Chew Barka 

Let the force be with your dog! Especially if you fancy yourself as a Han Solo character! 

Prince of Barkness 

Any Ozzy Osbourne fans are sure to appreciate this one. 

Ozzy Pawsborne 

If one Ozzy name wasn’t enough, have another! 

Charles Barkowski 

For any fans of the legendary author and poet, this one is sure to win you favours in the park! 

Mary Puppins 

Perhaps the cutest pun entry so far? 

The Notorious D.O.G. 

What will your dog be notorious for? 


A no-brainer for any avid football fan! 

Sarah Jessica Barker 

For the classier pooch with a penchant for Chanel. 

Jimmy Chew

This one may be a little bit of a bad omen! 

Harry Paw-ter 

Some dogs are just magical, aren’t they? 

Sherlock Bones 

In a role reversal, it looks like you will be the sidekick Watson! 

Salvador Dogi 

Dogs can be creative too, right? 

Bark Obama 

If you’re missing the former president, why not welcome him back into your home? 

William Shakespaw 

It’s pretty much a given that you’ll have to teach your dog how to give paw. 

Jabba the Mutt 

Whilst it isn’t the most flattering name, it’s definitely one of the funniest! 

Fuzz Aldrin 

Yeah, it’s a little nerdy, but it’s also genius. 

Jake Gyllenpaw 

His acting may be terrible, but the pun definitely isn’t! 

Winston Furchill 

Here’s one for the history buffs! 

Virginia Woof 

Pay an ode to a literary hero! 

Kanye Westie 

If there are any Kanye West fans left in the world… 

Vera Fang 

For the classier pooches. 

J.K. Growling 

How vocal is your dog? 

L.L Drool J 

A must if you welcome a bulldog into your home! 

Snarls Barkley 

Probably the perfect name for a Chihuahua. 

Ally McBeagle 

Is there any better name for a Beagle? 

Christopher Walkies

Beware, they may get excited whenever they hear their name! 

Indiana Bones 

If your dog loves digging, this one is an obvious choice! 

Jude Paw 

For any fans of the smooth lothario. 

Pablo Escobark 

Only for those brave enough to name their dogs after drug dealers. 

The Dogfather 

This pooch will demand some serious respect. 

Woofy Harrelson 

Who doesn’t love Woody Harrelson? 

Funny Old-School Dog Names

These names may have been fairly commonplace back in the day, but now, they’re positively nostalgic and a little out of place. 


See how he runs 


A perfect choice for the horror enthusiast. 


Whilst it’s a little uninventive, it’s pretty much a must if your dog has socks! 


Have you ever met a grumpy dog called Sparky? 


Scooby Doo fans should be all over this one! 


A positively archaic choice! 


What better name for your new best friend? 


You better hope they don’t live up to their name! 


Everyone surely has encountered a dog named patches in their childhood! 


Reserved for the most regal pups! 

Famous Dog Names from Pop Culture

If you want to love your dog that little bit more, why not name them after one of your favourite canines from Pop Culture. Naturally, dogs have stolen our hearts when it comes to TV, Film, Cartoons and even internet famous dogs. We’ve picked out the funniest ones for you! 


Ron Burgundy’s sidekick from the Anchor Man.


Arguably the best agent in Men in Black. Sorry Will Smith. 


Who can ever forget the dog from the Mask? 


Everyone fell a little bit in love with Slink from Toy Story! 


An excellent choice for fans of Tim Burton’s Night Before Christmas! 


What would Family Guy be without Brian? 

Santa’s Little Helper 

Could your dog live up to the name? 


Beware that this will make you Wallace by default! 

Mr. Peanutbutter

Bojack Horseman isn’t the only mammal to steal the show in the popular Netflix series. 

Mr Pickles 

The most adorable cartoon Satanic dog! 


Will your dog be more infamous than the lovable character from Sesame Street? 

Captain Kirk

Let your dog take charge of the enterprise! 


Who doesn’t get nostalgic about You’ve Got Mail? 


For the dog’s that fancy themselves as a superhero. 


If your dog can match the reputation of the most terrifying dog on earth! 


Jon Snow’s trusty companion from Game of Thrones. 

Chance and Shadow 

Why not choose from one of the stars of Homeward Bound? 


Marley and Me may have devastated us all, but he was still a furry hero! 


Who could ever forget the fierce little star from Something About Mary? 

Funny Names for Big Dogs 

Big Foot 

If you’ve opted for a big pooch, you’re going to want a name to suit their personality and stature! 

Biggie Smalls

Why not have a little fun poking at your dog’s stature?  


Which Game of Thrones fan hasn’t wanted a Direwolf of their own? 

The Hound 

Another Game of Thrones firm favourite name! 


This one may confuse fellow dog walkers! 


An easy choice for those who want their dog’s name to strike fear! 


Will your dog hold the door? 


Let’s hope your dog is better behaved than the famous Great Dane! 


For pups who have a healthy appetite. 

Sirius Black 

You don’t get much bigger and more fearful than this Harry Potter character. 


A name for an alpha beast. 


The bigger the dog, the more hilarious this name gets. 


Yet another Harry Potter entry. 


Will you ever be able to take your dog seriously? 

Funny Names for Small Dogs

Everyone knows that small dogs usually have the most attitude, so why not choose a name to match? Or celebrate the fact that they’re positively minuscule with an adorable choice? Remember, everyone loves ironic names for small dogs. 


A firm favourite amongst Lord of the Rings fans! 


Take a little inspiration for your little one from Legally Blonde. 


Because they’re as cute as a… 


For the dog that’s an unsuspecting hero! 


Perfect for a dog with pointy ears! 


Short and sweet, perhaps they’ll even sit on your shoulder. 


A little upper-class, but still absolutely adorable 


I bet you’ve never encountered a dog named beans before! 


For the dog who is light on their feet.

 Andre the Giant 

Give your dog a name as big as their personality. 


The insects may not be cute, but this name definitely is. 

Little Bones 

Who couldn’t find your dog cute with this name? 


Superhero’s come in all sizes. 


If your dog thinks they’re a little bit street. 


This one is a little mean, but we’re going with it anyway. 

Sasha Fierce 

For the little dogs with fabulous attitudes! 


Perfect for the tiny pup in your life. 


A must if you have a tiny pointed eared dog! 

25 Hilarious Dog Names Which Need No Explanation 

Sometimes, funny names need no context, they just sound adorable and inventive. They may raise a few eyebrows with some people, but you’ll have endless amounts of fun with these top 20 names for playful, mischievous dogs! 











Pup Tart 


Tater Tot 






Sir Francis Bacon 







Dog Names to Match Any Personality 


For dogs who love to nap! 


For the dog who runs rings around you. 


The perfect name for a sweet dog. 


For the dog who likes to go on a mission. 


Perfect for a scruffy pup with a lot of attitude. 


If your dog is a little bit gross but you love them anyway. 


Is your dog the free spirited sort? 


For the bruisers of the dog world. 


If your dog is a little refined, give them a name to suit! 


For the dogs who struggle to stay awake! 


For the not so easy to please dogs. 


For the dog who can’t be seen for dust when they’re off the lead. 


The perfect choice for the accident prone pup. 


Is your dog as Punk Rock as you? 

Found Your Inspiration?

Whilst some people think that it’s hilarious to give their dogs human names like Gary, Paul or Beth, let’s face it, that’s a little creepy. Take your time when you’re naming your dog. Take the time to do some research and make sure you come out with a name you’ll be happy shouting for the next decade and beyond! 

Take some time to get to know your dog, are they playful, dopey, energetic, charismatic? Do they remind you of someone? You can always choose to come up with a clever pun of your own! A hilarious name is the perfect icebreaker! Use your dog’s name to reflect both of your personalities. As you’ve probably seen in this article, you can pretty much name your dog anything you like. Although we would advise to steer clear of naming your dog anything which would cause offense to anyone. Whilst it may seem hilarious at the time naming your dog anything offensive or derogatory probably won’t work out well for you in the long term! But, there are plenty of ways to keep it clean and hilarious! You’ll have seen that simply naming your dog after an inanimate object or your favorite food can be absolutely hilarious, so why not give it a go?