Why Does My Dog's Breath Smell Like Poop?

Why Does My Dog's Breath Smell Like Poop?
January 5, 2019

Dog’s don’t tend to be known for having the nicest of breath, yet, your dog’s breath shouldn’t get so bad that you’re offended by it!

The most obvious conclusion to the question of “why does my dog’s breath smell like poop?” would be that they are actually eating it. Yet, the foul odour could be an indicator of a serious health problem. If you find that freshening your dog’s breath with canine dental hygiene products only serves as a quick fix, then this is further evidence that there is an underlying issue.

Potential Causes

  1. An Unsavoury Appetite 
     It’s no secret that dogs like to spend a significant amount of time licking themselves after they go to the toilet, or spend their time sniffing around other dogs rear ends. This will undoubtedly leave them with less than minty fresh breath. However. if the smell is a common occurrence. You should seek advice from your local veterinary practice.
  2. Coprophagia 
     Coprophagia is the medical terminology for the act of eating another animals’ faeces, it’s not only dogs that exhibit the behaviour, and it is a lot more common than you’d think. Especially in households with multiple dogs. However, eating another animal’s or their own faeces may mean that your dog is malnourished. Your dog will eat the faeces to gain any nutrients which are contained in the undigested food. Alongside the unpleasant breath, eating faeces may cause more serious health implications for your dog. As this will leave them prone to contracting diseases and ingesting parasites.
  3. Poor Oral Hygiene 
     If your dog’s breath has been pungent for a while they may be suffering from dental issues such as abscesses or gum disease. We all know how painful dental issues can be, so it’s important to take your pet to the vet’s if you suspect they are suffering from gingivitis which can later develop into periodontitis which may cause tooth loss. Always ensure that you are routinely checking your dog’s teeth and gums for any visible signs of issues.
  4. Diet 
     If your dog is being fed on a diet that doesn’t agree with them, this can cause an excess build up of gas in the gastrointestinal system. This will inevitably make its way back up again and cause a foul smell. Try changing the brand of the food you regularly buy and ensure that your dog isn’t ingesting any human food that it shouldn’t. If you need any more advice on a tailor-made diet plan for your dog, your vet will be happy to help you create the best trial diets. However, some brands are marketed to be easier to digest. This is usually found with the more premium brands.
  5. Grooming Issues 
     If your breed of dog has particularly long hair around the snout, this could be another potential reason for their bad breath. You should be able to easily determine whether the odour is coming from the dog’s fur or mouth upon closer inspection.
     How to Prevent Dog Halitosis

Maintain a Thorough Oral Healthcare Regime
Get your dog familiar with a thorough dental health care routine while they are young. Getting them used to having their teeth cleaned will better prepare you to maintain their oral hygiene when they are older. It is always advised that any dental hygiene products that you use should be made for canine use. However, the process of brushing their teeth is the same as with your own teeth. It Is advised that you clean your dog’s teeth at least once a week.

Consider their Diet
If your dog’s diet is putting them through gastrointestinal hell, then it really is no wonder that your dog has bad breath. Always ensure that your dog is sufficiently nourished on a diet which agrees with them.

Take a Trip to the Vet
Visiting the vet should be a regular occurrence or every dog owner. Vets aren’t just there in case your dog gets sick! They should always be visited for regular check-ups to spot the signs for potential problems. However, if there is cause for concern such as bad breath, you’ll want to get them to the vets sooner rather than later!