Dog Breeds with Curly Tails and Floppy Ears

Dog Breeds with Curly Tails and Floppy Ears
January 5, 2019

Generally, a dog’s tail is long, straight and hopefully waggy. Yet, certain breeds are known to have distinctive curls or kinks to them. The unusual looking tails can be quite pronounced depending on the breed. Obviously, a dog is more than just its tail and it's probably not recommended that you choose your dog on the basis of its tail. Yet, the unique appearances can still be highly appealing. Floppy ears are also a pretty uncommon trait within dogs, so to get a combination of both, is fairly rare!

A lot of people may think that curly tails are cute and endearing, yet not a lot of people know why only some breeds possess this trait. However, this information is important, because some breeds only have curly or kinked tails due to developmental causes. A curled or kink tail for a dog whose breed doesn’t generally come with a kinked tail will generally be the sign of a breed fault.

Important Facts About Curly Dog Tails

 Never be under the impression that a curly tail is a variant trait. And never underestimate the potential problems a dog with a curly tail can encounter if the breed is not supposed to possess a curly tail. For dogs who don’t naturally have a curly tail, the kink forms due to a distinctive deviation in the development of their spine. After all, the tail is an extension of a dog’s spine.

The term for the deviation is “hemivertebrae”. This term refers to a congenital anomaly which causes the vertebrae to develop at an odd angle and ultimately affect the angle of the spine.

Buying or adopting a dog with hemivertebrae will mean that your dog may come to experience neurological problems if the condition occurs further up the spine.

Floppy Ears Don’t Come Without Risk Either

 Dogs with floppy ears are more prone to experiencing problems when it comes to their ear health. The floppy or droopy ears may make for a striking and distinctive look, yet your dog will have a significantly higher chance of developing an ear infection.
 What Dogs Have Curly Tails and Floppy Ears Naturally

Now you’re equipped with the facts about dogs with floppy ears and curly tails, we’ll run you through a list of the most popular dogs with both traits. As you can see, the traits don’t happen alongside each other very often.


 The extremely curly tail and the pointed down ears of the pug have certainly had something to do with the breed’s excessive popularity. Something that it’s closest rivals the French Bulldog and the Chihuahua don’t possess. Given that pugs are great family pets and also require minimal exercise, this has no doubt contributed to the popularity of the animal too. Yet, many vets have warned potential buyers from purchasing pug puppies due to the potential health allergies. With their ability to pick up viruses easily and the prevalence of breathing problems within pugs, you’ll want to fully read up on welcoming a pug into your home. You can learn more about a pug’s traits here.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

The Anatolian Shepherd dog is the second largest dog to exhibit both of the traits. Its short and floppy ears accompany its large and muscular body. Despite their cute characteristics, they’re certainly not for every family. Generally, the breed tends to be fairly skittish and takes some getting used to small children. You can read more about the breed traits of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog here.