5 Letter Dog Breeds

5 Letter Dog Breeds
January 5, 2019

Did you know that there are over 339 breeds of dog which are recognised by the FCI in the world? Considering that only 9 ‘ancient’ breeds were genetically divergent, that fact is even more staggering.

But if you’re looking for 5 letter dog breeds here is our complete list:


Over in Japan, the Akita is a national treasure, and the breed is certainly seeing increased levels of popularity internationally. If you’re looking for a devoted dog, you won’t find one much more loyal than the Akita. However, due to their size and power, they are not recommended for novice owners. 


The Billy breed was almost under the threat of extinction after a rabies breakout which left only two of the females of the breed alive. Yet, today, they are becoming increasingly popular throughout Western Europe. Looks-wise, no one can deny they’re distinctive. Yet, they’re much more well known for their intelligent and lively temperament which makes them great hunters. 


The Boxer is a medium-sized and muscular dog originally of German descent, with a smooth short-haired coat. The Boxer can also be referred to as the German Boxer or the Deutscher Boxer. The breed is known for its playfulness and loyalty.


The Cairn breed is amongst one of the oldest breeds of terrier. They were originally found in the Scottish Highlands and are thought to be one of Scotland’s earliest breeds of working dogs. The breed got their name from their ability to hunt and chase quarry between the cairns of the highlands in Scotland.


The Corgi, or by its full name the Welsh Corgi Pembroke originated from Pembrokeshire in Wales. Originally the dog was a cattle herding breed. Although, these days in England they’re famous for being the Queen’s favoured breed of dog!


The Dhole is a fairly uncommon breed in America and Europe, yet the breed is still highly popular in the countries the breed originated in. The Central and Southeast Asian dogs are also referred to as Mountain Wolves and Indian Wild Dogs. Which gives you an idea why they aren’t all too common as pets!


The Dingo is the first dog we all think of when it comes to Australian dog breeds. This breed of dog is still regarded as a feral breed and they definitely aren’t recommended as pets. Yet, there is now the hybrid of the Dingo-Dog which are slightly more trainable.


The internationally-popular husky probably needs no introduction. From Southeast Asia, the working dog’s popularity has only grown over recent decades. The breed belongs to the Spitz family of dogs and is often recognized by their thick coats, distinctive markings and triangular ears.


The Kerry, or the Kerry Blue terrier are very distinctive animals which were originally bred to control vermin such as foxes, rabbits, badgers and rats. However, Kerry’s uses don’t stop there, they have also been put to use in a variety of jobs such as sheep and cow herding. They also make for excellent guard dogs!


The Kishu breed is also referred to as the Kishu Ken or the Kishu Inu, the breed originates from Japan and has been developed for centuries to become the perfect pet for the active person. While they tend to be easy going when they’re not out and about, this breed is renown for its energy levels.


The Pi-Dog is also referred to as the Indian Pariah Dog or an Indian Native Dog. Yet people often make the mistake of referring to every free-roaming dog in India a Pi-Dog when this is definitely not the case. However, the breed does refer to an owner-less half-wild dog native to India.


The Shiba, or Shiba Inu, is as close to cat-like behaviour as you’re ever going to get from a dog. Their aloof behaviour and indifference to strangers make their characteristics uncharacteristically similar to their feline counterparts. They’re the perfect family pet, yet they may have a fiery side when it comes to getting along with other animals and dogs. 

So, there we have it, the "12" 5 letter dog breeds! Generally, you’ll find dog breeds to be much longer, especially through the cross-breeding of dogs which have created hybrids.

Other words of five letters in relations to "dogs" include Bitch, Ratch, Brach, Hound, Puppy and Pooch.