Which Dog Breed to Choose for a Family with Kids? - Pug or French Bulldog

Which Dog Breed to Choose for a Family with Kids? - Pug or French Bulldog
December 15, 2018

Whilst both Pugs and French Bulldogs are small companion breeds, there is still a heavy amount of debate around which breed makes for the best family pet – especially for families with children.

It is important to consider that making sure a dog is child-friendly isn’t only to protect your children, but for a dog which isn’t comfortable to being around children with their unpredictable and often loud natures, this can be highly stressful. So, make sure you consider both the needs of your family and the needs of your dog before you choose any dog breed.

We’ve completed breed profiles for both the French Bulldog and the Pug over on our breed pages where you will get a full rundown of the breed and what you can expect from them as pets. However, this article will address which breed makes for the best family pet for families with children.

French Bulldog VS Pug: Which Comes Out on Top as the Ultimate Family Pet?

Whilst there are many similarities between the two companion breeds, there are also small details which set them apart. Both breeds will need to be trained at an early age, failure to do so will mean that you’re left with a fairly stubborn pet.

Generally, French Bulldogs are found to be more laid back than pugs which need more physical activity and mental stimulation. Yet, pugs are far more energetic than French Bulldogs. So whilst the French Bulldog has a more lax attitude, the Pugs will be up for a lot more play with Families with children. Both breeds are affectionate to members of their family which spend time with them regularly and both can be equally difficult to train.

You can start to see why it has been so difficult for those looking for the best breed for their family to decide between a French Bulldog and a Pug. The best family dog depends on the dynamics of your family and the age of your children.

Both Pugs and French Bulldogs make great family dogs, however, ownership is only advised in familial units with older kids which will treat the dog with respect. Establishing this fact is much more important than establishing which breed is more tolerant of a child’s behaviour. If your children have never interacted with a small companion dog before, it can be hard to judge exactly just what they are going to be like when a Pug or a French Bulldog enters the hope. Yet, judging this mainly falls down to trusting your children to listen to instructions on how to behave around a small pet. For example, children should know that they are never to approach a dog when they are sleeping or eating or engage in rough play with the dog.

Final Verdict

With all things considered, when it comes to the best dog breed for families with children, the breed which comes out on top for families with children is the pug. This is due to their higher levels of energy. They will be as happy to snuggle up with the kids on the couch as they will be to engage in play. The breed doesn’t need an excessive amount of exercise, however, it’s always up for play with children as long as the children are old enough and respectful enough to the breed.