Dog Breeds Which Start With the Letter "A"

Dog Breeds Which Start With the Letter "A"
January 5, 2019

Dog Breeds Which Start with the Letter “A” 

 We’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the dog breeds which start with the letter A. You’ll find a list of breed names which start with the letter A first, and then a list of breeds which are localised to one continent or region.

  1. Affenpinscher

The tiny German breed is also known as the “Monkey Terrier”, which you only have to look at their faces to see how they got their endearing nickname.

  1. Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier is one of Britain’s most known and loved working dogs. They played a huge role in military operations during WW1 and 2 where they proved to be useful in not only hunting.

  1. Akita

The Akita is a Japanese dog breed and for decades the breed has held the title of the national dog. The fairly large dogs are even seen as good luck omens in Japan.  

  1. Alpine Dachsbracke

The Alpine Daschbracke breed is a result of the breeding of larger dogs with Dachshunds, the breed first appeared in the mid-nineteenth century and became a much-loved part of the German aristocracy.

  1. Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Shepherd dogs don’t get much bigger than the Anatolian Shepherd Dog, the breed originates from Turkey, and dates back for centuries. The breed had the unenviable task of protecting livestock from wolves, bears, jackals and even cheetahs.

  1. Anglo-Francais De Petite Venerie

The Anglo-Francais De Petite Venerie was originally named the “Little Anglo-French” but was renamed in 1978, they were originally bred to hunt foxes, rabbits and game birds.

  1. Appenzell Cattle Dog

Appenzell Cattle dogs originate from the northeastern part of Switzerland, while they were rural dogs originally, many now enjoy the loving and loyal breeds as family pets.

  1. Ardennes Cattle Dog

The heritage of the Ardennes Cattle dog is still undetermined however, it has been commonly used since the 18th century to protect cattle and other livestock. With its long and shaggy fur, the breed has a rustic look, yet their coats serve to protect them from harsh winter elements.

  1. Ariege Pointer Dog

The Ariege Pointer dog is a cross between Spanish and Italian pointing dogs, the crossbreeding made the breed a faster and more elegant breed of pointing dog. Yet, their origin primarily stemmed from France.

  1. Ariegois

The Ariegois is a French breed of hunting dog which still remains popular in Southern France. The medium-sized elegant hounds are well suited to a working lifestyle, but their friendly character also makes for the perfect family pet.

  1. Artesian Norman Basset

The Artesian Norman Basset is a descendant of the bloodhound, they were purposefully bred to be small in stature to help hunters comb through bushes and thickets to catch smaller prey items.

  1. Artois Hound

The Artois Hound is one of the best pack hunting breeds there is, the head-strong hound’s numbers may have declined in the 1970s, yet they are slowly becoming more popular than ever.

  1. Atlas Mountain Dog

The Atlas Mountain Dog is also referred to as the Aidi, and its origins are hard to follow, some believe they originated in the Sahara, whereas some others believe the sizable breed comes from North Africa. Wherever they came from, not only are they useful as Shepherd dogs, they also prove to be adept guard dogs and loving pets.

  1. Auvergne Pointing Dog

The Auvergne Pointing Dog is one of the largest and most efficient pointing dogs which originates from France. The breed is put to work well both in forests and fields.

  1. Azawakh

The Azawakh dogs originated from the Sahara Desert and they were commonly used by nomadic tribes for hunting or as guard dogs. Yet, the Asian hounds also prove to be loyal pets and develop deep bonds with their owners.

Localised Dog Breeds Beginning with the Letter A

These breeds may not come up as technically beginning with the letter A, but we’ve chosen to include them anyway to provide an exhaustive list. Whilst there are only slight variations between the Australian, American and Austrian breeds and dogs such as the Staffordshire terriers, Greyhounds, and Water Spaniels there are still slight variations.

  1. Afghan Hound
  2. Alaskan Malamute
  3. American Cocker Spaniel
  4. American Fox Hound
  5. American Staffordshire Terrier
  6. American Water Spaniel
  7. American Akita
  8. Arabian Greyhound
  9. Australian Cattle Dog
  10. Australian Kelpie
  11. Australian Shepherd dog
  12. Australian Silky Terrier
  13. Australian Terrier
  14. Austrian Black and Tan Hound
  15. Austrian Pinscher

If you need any more information about particular dog breeds, we’ve got you covered on our dog breed specifications page.