Small Dogs with Pointy Ears

Small Dogs with Pointy Ears
January 14, 2019

Small Dogs with Pointy Ears

 Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re looking for specific traits finding the right breed can be difficult. Small dogs are perfect for owners who are looking for a companion to keep in an apartment. However, it is always worth noting that no two dogs have the same physical and emotional needs. Therefore, it is imperative that you check out the breed specifics before bringing a new dog into your home. 

Not everyone is aware that all small dogs aren’t lapdogs and they’ll need a fair amount of walking to meet their needs. Other small dogs aren’t recommended for families with young children, we’ve covered all you need to know in our extensive list of small dogs with pointy ears. 

  1. American Eskimo Dog

There are few small dogs which appear as happy as the American Eskimo Dog which can come in toy, miniature and standard size. The toy breed is just 9” tall at shoulder height, however, they all come with a lion-like man of fur around their necks and prominent smiles due to the stark contrast between the usually white coat and black nose and lips. Although they are highly trainable and eager to please, they can soon to start exhibiting problematic behaviour. 

  1. Boston Terrier 

The fact that the Boston Terrier is also referred to as the Little American Gentleman tells you a lot about this breed. Although they were originally bred for pit fighting the Boston Terrier is one of the best companions you could possibly hope for. They tend to be extremely affectionate, however, they can also be fairly defensive when it comes to other dogs being in their territories. 

  1. Brussels Griffon 

The Brussels Griffon breed has a very distinctive look, but for some, they are infinitely adorable. It is rare for the breed to grow over the height of 10 inches at the shoulder when they are fully grown. But what makes the breed so popular is its human-like expressions paired with its curious, cheerful and affectionate personality. Although they are a very sensitive breed of dog who can also be fairly self-important, so it is important that all of their emotional needs are properly met. 

  1. Chihuahua 

The small Mexican dog breeds are the most popular small dog breed with pointy ears. They are the perfect pet for anyone who is looking for a dog who doesn’t need all too much exercise. Their long lifespan which can see them living up to 16 years of age is also what makes the Chihuahua the perfect family pet. They tend to have very big personalities and can often be found being boisterous around larger dogs. 

  1. French Bulldog 

Even though the French Bulldog isn’t exactly the healthiest breed there is, they are still one of the most popular –, especially in America. That may be due to the fact that they require very little exercise but still have a massive personality. Whether you’re old, young, have children, or don’t, they make for the perfect family pet – aside from the potential vet bills, you will incur from owning a flat-faced dog. 

  1. German Spitz

The German Spitz is one of the smallest of the Spitz breeds. Not only do they look like little foxes, but they are very loyal dogs who are protective of their human families. They make for perfect watchdogs, have a long life expectancy and are very alert. If you’re looking for a pet you can have hours of fun with in the park, look no further than the German Spitz. 

  1. Miniature Bull Terrier 

The Bull Terriers may be one of the strangest looking dog breeds there are, but as intimidating as they may look with their pear-shaped skull they are highly affectionate and can make for the perfect family pet if they are socialised from an early age. They grow to a maximum shoulder height of 14 inches, so, they are perfect if you’re living in a smaller environment. If you’re looking for a loyal dog, look no further. 

  1. Miniature Pinscher 

The Miniature Pinscher is equal parts attitude and muscle. The tiny toy dogs, grow to a maximum height of 12.5 inches, yet, despite their size they are fearless and proud. Their distinctive horse trot walk makes them very attractive to owners, thankfully, they need significantly less space and exercise than horses, they are perfectly suited to apartment living. 

  1. Norwich Terrier 

Norwich Terriers may look like Norfolk Terriers, yet you can tell the difference between the two breeds by their ears. The Norwich Terriers have pointy ears whereas Norfolk Terriers have folded ears. They were originally used to catch rats and other vermin, so naturally, they have high amounts of energy which they will need to spend in the great outdoors. It doesn’t take long for the Norwich Terrier to establish a strong bond to each member of their human family. If you’re looking for a cute, loyal, and jolly pet, the Norwich Terrier can be the perfect option. 

  1. Papillon 

The Papillion dog breed got its name for its delightful winged ears – Papillon translates to butterfly in France where the Papillion first descended from. They have the stature of dwarf spaniels, and they were often owned by French royalty. Now, all manner of people owns the Papillon breed. Their stature may make them seem fragile, but don’t let that fool you, they’re incredibly robust – they also like to learn tricks too! 

  1. Pembroke Welsh Corgi 

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the favoured dog breed of British royalty. Their extremely stubby legs give them the maximum shoulder height of 12 inches, yet, they are extremely well-built and can often weigh in anywhere up to 30 pounds. So, you may not be able to carry the Pembroke Welsh Corgi around in your purse, but there are many benefits to owning the highly sensitive and intelligent breed. 

  1. Pomeranian 

Dog breeds don’t get much perkier than the Pomeranian who has a fox-like appearance the same as Spitz breeds. It is rare for them to weigh in any heavier than 7lbs, although they seem to be oblivious to this fact with their larger than life personalities. They only require very short walks every day and will be more than happy to play with children as long as your children know not to be too heavy-handed with the Pom. 

  1. Scottish Terrier 

The Scottish Terrier is the national dog breed of Scotland which has been made famous with its stature having been represented on Whisky bottles. Despite their size, they are incredibly independent and resilient dogs, so they may not be the easiest to train, and if you’re looking for a pet who will be equally affectionate to the whole family you may want to consider another breed as they are notoriously one-person dogs. 

  1. Toy Fox Terrier 

The Toy Fox Terrier is one of the few only all-American dog breeds. Despite the small stature of the Toy Fox terrier, they still have all the character of their larger cousins. They are a very energetic breed who will often go off in chase of squirrels in the park if you let them off the lead. So, if you’re looking for a dog to share some leisure time at home, you may want to find another dog breed which will be happier snoozing on the sofa with you. 

  1. West Highland White Terrier 

The West Highland White Terrier is a very popular small dog breed in Scotland, and all across the globe. Their adorable personalities allow you to enjoy their confident and happy demeanour. Even though Westies may look innocent and fragile they are remarkably tough and strong. 

  1. Yorkshire Terrier 

You’ll often see Yorkshire Terriers sporting a top knot and a sunny disposition. Yorkies are one of the most popular of the small breeds for a number of different reasons. You can carry them around in your purse, and they make incredible pets whether you’re living alone or living with small children. Their human-like hair also makes them hypoallergenic!