Dog Breeds with Amber Eyes

Dog Breeds with Amber Eyes
January 21, 2019

There are a lot of false facts floating around the internet when it comes to dogs with amber eyes. Even some vets still hold the belief that dogs with amber or golden coloured eyes are more aggressive as they are not that far removed from wolves. Of course, this is absolutely nonsense! Which, I’m sure you’ll figure out for yourselves after we’ve run through the list of all the dog breeds which have amber eyes.

Spotting a dog with amber eyes is fairly rare, as the majority of dog breeds either have brown, green or blue eyes. Technically, amber eyes are still brown eyes, it is just a slight variation on the colour due to less melanin (the pigment which makes the iris darker brown) being present in the eye.

With dogs, as with humans, the eye colour is determined by genetics. The dogs you’ll see more frequently with the dazzling amber eyes are usually merle or liver coated dogs as these are the breeds which most frequently bear the trait. So, whichever dogs carry the liver or blue gene can potentially have amber eyes. 

Blue Gene Dogs with Amber Eyes

While not every dog carrying the blue gene will also have amber eyes, it is not uncommon. These breeds include:

The Australian Cattle Dog
The Australian Cattle Dog potentially has the most stunning eyes of all the dog breeds, although they are quite frequently amber, it is not all too uncommon to see the breed with one amber eye and one bright blue eye! If David Bowie was a dog, he’d definitely be an Australian Cattle Dog!

Bluetick Coonhounds
Bluetick Coonhounds are much more commonly known for their excellent work in the field rather than their charming good looks, but that is not to say they don’t make for the perfect family pet!

Great Danes
Great Danes are the largest breed of dog which come with amber eyes. Their gorgeous droopy faces are often complimented by their amber eyes, which may not be as striking as with other dog breeds, but they’re amber, nonetheless. 

Pit Bull Terriers
Although Pit Bulls are a banned breed, they do still come with amber eyes! So, they’ve made the list anyway. Say what you will about the breed, but if they’re well socialised they will make for remarkable family pets! 

If there are any dog breeds winning prizes for elegance, it’s the greyhound, this is especially true when they come with stunning amber eyes. Whether their coat colour is brindle, black, fawn or tan, depending on their genetics, it isn’t rare to see them with amber eyes. 

Liver Gene Dogs with Amber Eyes

While some people still commonly get liver gene carrying dogs up with dogs with the blue gene, they are still very different gene types. The Liver gene dogs will carry no grey or black hairs in their coat. Their amber eyes are most frequently paired with a pink or light brown nose. These breeds include:

Everyone knows that the Dachshund is an incredibly cute breed of dog, although, it is not all too often that you will see them with amber eyes. Especially when they have the darker coat patterns.

 Although the eyes of the Cuban breed may be a little hard to make out under all of their fur, they can also come in dazzling amber, yet, they are more frequently seen with darker brown eyes.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
The Chesapeake Bay Retriever’s eyes are simply out of this world, they work in contrast with the colour of the coat which can come in varying shades of red, yet, they are never more colourful than their stunning amber eyes. 

 Okay, technically the Weimaraner isn’t a Liver gene-carrying dog, instead, it is a lilac coloured dog, also known as an Isabella. However, the Weimaraner does come with the lightest coloured golden eyes.