Romanian Dog Breeds

Romanian Dog Breeds
January 26, 2019

 While some countries have literally hundreds of native dog breeds, the breeds native to Romania are few in number. In fact, there are only four dog breeds which originate from Romania.

All four of the Romanian breeds are different types of sheepdogs, so, Romania may have had to import all of their lapdogs and family dogs, but when it comes to rounding up the cattle, the four Romanian Shepherd breeds come in handy!

The Romanian dog breeds aren’t all too popular outside of Romania, so, read through the list and discover dog breeds that you never knew existed! What a treat!

Carpathian Shepherd Dog

 The first mention of the Carpathian Shepherd Dog in history was made in the late 1800s, by 1998 the breed had become so popular in Romania, that a fan club was made in its name! The history of this breed is fairly hazy, some believe that there are many versions of the breed, as there are with other mountain reeds and livestock guardians. Some believe that their ancestry began over 9000 years ago, around the same time as when goats and sheep were starting to be domesticated in the area. They are an incredibly hardy breed, and it is not uncommon for them to live longer than 14 years, although, as they are a large dog, they will also suffer from conditions which generally affect larger breeds such as hip dysplasia. Despite the fearless temperament of the breed, they are incredibly well-mannered and devote to their owners. Yet, there are whispers that the breed has even been brave enough to take on bears to protect their owners or livestock.

Bucovina Shepherd Dog


When it comes to livestock guardians, they don’t get much bigger than the Bucovina Shepherd dog, it has been used for centuries for how carefully and fearlessly it will protect herds. Considering that they are often guarding livestock in the North of Romania, it’s a pretty good job that they are so brave and never shies away from combative action! Not only will the breed be happy to fend off predators, but it also does a good job of alerting their owners when strangers are nearby. As they are used to roaming property throughout the night, if you’re looking at getting the breed as a pet, you’ll need to ensure that you have plenty of room in your yard and exercise the breed frequently. The first breed standard was drafted back in 1982 by the Romanian Kennel Club, however, it has been around for much, much longer. Now, the large breed isn’t just used for livestock protection, many families welcome the breed into their homes due to their balanced personality and their love for children. You’ll just have to watch them around strangers!

Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog


Of all Romanian breeds the Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog is definitely the cutest, although as you can expect from a Romanian sheepdog, it is still fairly sizeable. The males tend to be slightly larger than the female, yet, it isn’t likely that they will exceed the height of 75 centimetres. While the Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog is happy protecting herds and livestock, this breed can become very attached to their human family, making them the perfect guard dog in the home. It is highly recommended that training the Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog should happen from birth so that the breed can form that attachment to the owner. Yet, this shouldn’t put you off rescuing a Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog should one need a loving home! The breed only started to be officially recognised in the mid-2000s despite being around for a while. What is probably the most adorable fact about this breed is that the translation of their name in their native land is “young sheep”.
 Romanian Raven Shepherd Dog

The Romanian Raven Shepherd Dog got its name from its all black coat, as you would expect from another dog from Romania, they are fairly sizeable and they have also been put to good use historically for their guardianship qualities. The Romanian Raven Shepherd Dog gets massive respect in Romania – spotting one outside of Romania is incredibly rare but if you venture into the Romanian mountains, it wouldn’t be all too surprising to spot one. The personality of the Romanian Raven Shepherd Dog is one of the main reasons why families are so keen to bring the breed into their home. Its high levels of intellect and jolly outlook are amongst some of the characteristics which make the breed so desirable as a pet. Yet, when they are put to work, it is their fearless behaviour and their strength which is highly favoured. As they would be presented with the snaring teeth of wolves, bears and wild cats, it’s a good job that they are highly courageous! But when trained well, they are incredibly submissive to their owners.