Best Dog Food For Large Breeds

Best Dog Food For Large Breeds
April 17, 2019

If only the best will do for your large dog breed, that’s exactly what we have found for you.
Getting the Portion Sizes Right

 Owning a large dog breed comes with its fair share of responsibilities. While many responsible owners take this important factor into consideration, many owners are left aghast at the size of their shopping bill after they have catered to their large or giant dog breed’s nutritional needs. 

Just like their size, large breed dog diet’s require more care, attention and handling, especially when it comes to feeding time! Large dog breeds not only eat more food than their smaller counterparts but needs the food in more frequent stints – note that this may mean a larger-sized breed isn’t recommended for you if you are away from the house for long periods of time.
 The reason feeding large dog breeds gets a little daunting at times is because of how fast they grow and put on weight. Big breed puppies like the Mastiff, Bulldogs and Great Dane increase in size between 50-80% in just their first year.

Everything in Moderation!

However, you must be aware that feeding a puppy too much is just as dangerous as feeding them too much! Their gorgeous puppy dog eyes may thank you for it at the time, but in your dog’s old age, they certainly won’t be thankful! Putting on too much weight at a tender age is hazardous for the young puppies. Putting on too much weight can cause hip dysplasia, arthritis, and numerous knee joint problems. One, therefore, needs to be careful when choosing the best dog food for large breeds.
 The ideal diet for large breeds should contain all the essential nutrients in the right proportions. The dog food should provide proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals all in a manner that can easily be processed and digested by the food.

For large breed dogs to be in their optimal weight zone, stay healthy and live long, they need to be fed with the right food type suited for them.

A nutritious meal not only ensures correct growth and development of the large breed dog but ensures it can competently fight off diseases and maintain a healthy immune system. It is important to note that almost 55% of all food sensitivity and allergy cases are all from large breed dogs, so pay close attention to any signs of food allergy which can involve an upset stomach, itchy skin, and vomiting. In this instance, you may want to consult with your vet to try out a trial diet for your dog. 

They are equally prone to obesity and overweight problems because most owners assume because they are large, they need a large calorific intake. The fact that they are very sensitive to the sort of diet they are fed makes them a delicate lot to handle. One has to ensure he has identified the right food lest there will be adverse problems affecting the dog.

When shopping for the best dog food for large breeds, you have to be extremely careful to get the right meal that suits your dog age and type. Typically, when buying food you should select food that has been clinically tried and tested. Go for food that has the complete and balanced level and at all costs avoid foods with oils and fats as their key ingredients. Always make sure you look out for the clever labelling such as ‘with beef’ or ‘with chicken’ this means that there may be as little as 4% meat in your dog’s meal!

So, which are the best brands of dog food for larger dog breeds?

Below you will find a list of some of the best dog food that has been tested and proven to work. Remember the diet for a puppy and that of an adult dog differs so you will always need to consider buying age appropriate food. We, therefore, will provide a list of some of the best food for large puppy breeds and the best dog food for adult large breed dogs;

  1. Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry Puppy Food

This easy to digest formula has got all the nutritional needs of any large breed puppy covered. With chicken meat as the source of protein, this meal also has some traces of fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are essential in the full development of the puppy. Prebiotic fibers and the complex carbohydrates in this meal will keep the pet healthy and satisfied all day long.

The formula is made from the proteins and carbohydrates that most large breed dogs show the least intolerance to. The fact that the food has no chemical additives or sweeteners means that this recipe is appropriate even to the puppies that have "food sensitivity." This puppy food can be consumed by any breed and in any puppy bracket (young puppies and the seniors)

  1. Blue Buffalo Puppy Dry Dog Food

The main ingredient in this dog food for large breed puppies is still chicken. Combine that with "ground whole" grains, carrots, blueberries and peas and you get a highly nutritious formula that is perfect for your growing Bulldog or any other large breed dog.

The components are carefully mixed in the right proportions to ensure that the puppy grows with a high immunity, strong lean muscles and a good shiny skin with very no inflammations.

This commercial dog food is easy to digest and does not cause any allergies or intolerance in the large puppy breeds. It is appropriate for all breeds and ages though it is advisable to feed it to the junior puppies.

  1. Nutro Max Large Breed Puppy Food

The other very good dry food to feed to your large breed puppy is this formula from Nutro. The meal is made purely from farm-raised chicken, rice and salmon fish oil. The chicken primarily is the protein source while the rice provides starch needed for energy in the puppy. The salmon oil has omega-3 fatty acids which are vital in the development of organs like eyes in the puppy.

The ingredients are proportionately mixed to give a balanced diet that ensures your puppy has a good immune system, excellent dental health as well as strong lean muscles. It equally has no chemical additives, sweeteners or preservatives. This means that all the flavors are natural, and cases of food allergies or intolerance are very rare. This easy to digest dry food suits any large breed and can be fed to a puppy of any age.

Once your puppy has grown to maturity, you will need to change his/her diet. Below are two great foods that are healthy for the growth and development of your large breed dog;

  1. Innova Adult-Large Bites

This Innova food is perfect for large breed dogs. With turkey as the chief source of proteins and barley the primary carbohydrate source, the food is easy to digest and has a natural flavor that large dogs will have an easy time ingesting.

It does not have any chemical additives as well but uses brown rice as filler. It is a very safe meal and can be fed even to dogs that have shown cases of food intolerances in the past.

  1. Science Diet Adult Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe Large Breed

Just as the name suggests, this dry food uses lamb as the primary source of proteins while brewer’s rice is used to provide carbohydrates. The food also has small elements of whole grain wheat and sorghum which are used as fillers.

The components are expertly mixed to promote an active immune system, superior digestion and excellent skin ad coat health of your senior citizen. It has no artificial additives and can be fed to any large breed of any age.

This information on the best dog food for large dog breeds will help you to choose the right food formula for your growing puppy and adult dog as well.

 To Sum Up

Feeding your large dog will be expensive – there’s no getting around that fact. That’s what comes along with owning a large dog which may very well have more expensive nutritional needs than you do.

However, we’ve done our best to ensure that we’ve included the best value for price food which comes highly recommended by animal nutritionists!

If you’d like more information of the dietary needs on specific-breed basis you can always head on over to our breed descriptions page where we will go over every aspect of their needs and everything you need to know about each breed!