8 Letter Dog Breeds

8 Letter Dog Breeds
February 3, 2019

 Looking for a comprehensive list of 8 letter dog breeds? We’ve got you covered with our complete list. We’ve looked to every corner of the globe to find you every 8-letter dog breed to help you out with your dog-related crossword answers.

Now, it is worth noting that the names we have listed down below may only be part of the dog’s names. For example, there are plenty of types of Sheepdog, however, Sheepdog still technically counts as a dog breed.

You’ll have noticed many of the dog breeds on the list, but considering we’ve included of plenty of countries native breeds under their names in their homelands, some may be fairly unfamiliar. So, we’ll run you through the ones you may not have heard of!

Common Dog Breeds with 8 Letter Names:

  1. Labrador (Retriever)
  2. Sheepdog
  3. Doberman
  4. Shetland
  5. Springer (Spaniel)
  6. Brittany
  7. Chow Chow
  8. Keeshond
  9. Airedale (Terrier)
  10. Malamute
  11. Papillon
  12. Akita Inu
  13. Shiba Inu

Breeds you may not have heard of before:

  1. Eurasier  

The Eurasier is a German-Spitz type breed which has a highly dignified personality, so it may not be one of the friendliest or happiest dogs, it is one of the fluffiest! Looking strikingly different to other Spitz-type breeds. They are fairly sizable as they can grow anywhere up to 56cm.

  1. Havanese

If you didn’t guess from the name, the Havanese is a Cuban breed of dog, which is still incredible as a companion animal in Cuba. They are a lap breed who make for the perfect pets due to their hypoallergenic silky coat and their playful yet gentle personality.

  1. Pyrenean

The Pyrenean is more commonly referred to as the Pyrenean Shepherd dog, which is commonly found in different mountain regions across Europe, they are a large and resilient breed as you’d expect, their job is to protect livestock from predators such as wolves. They may be highly desirable in the field, but they are just as welcome in family homes for their protective qualities.

  1. Hovawart

The Hovawort breed is yet another German breed to make the list. Their name translates to “estate guard dog” in German which gives you a pretty good idea what the breed has been used for centuries. Their names are marked in history and they’ve been depicted in plenty of medieval paintings.

  1. Bordeaux

The Bordeaux is also known as the Dogue de Bordeaux Mastiff, or the French Mastiff. It is one of France’s oldest and largest breeds which has come to be fairly popular all across the globe! They tend to be brilliant around small children and always love to take on the protective role in the home. Considering that they can weigh anything up to 65kg, they are pretty effective at keeping strangers at bay.

  1. Kurzhaar

The Kurzhaar is another name for the German Short Hair Pointer, but we wanted to make sure that you were covered in the list of 8 lettered dog breeds! They were first introduced in the 19th century and have been one of Germany’s most dependable hunting breeds since they were established.

  1. Tervuren

The Tervuren dog breed looks an awful lot like a German Shepherd, but they aren’t related. The breed got their name after being named after a small village in Belgium. However, you may also hear them referred to as a Belgian Shepherd.

We hope our list of dog breeds with 8 letter names has helped you out, if you’re looking for more information on any of the breeds, you can head over to our Breed list page where we have covered each breed in more detail. Find out about their history, personality, health, and how great they are as a family pet.