Dog Breeds Which Start with the Letter "U"

Dog Breeds Which Start with the Letter "U"
February 24, 2019

Looking for a comprehensive list of dog breeds which begin with the letter “U”? We’ve got you covered with this extremely short list! There may be hundreds of breeds in the world, however, there are only two dog breeds that begin with the letter “U”.

If you’d like to explore more breeds, you can always head on over to our breed description page where you will find every single registered pure breed and crossbreed.

Let’s find out more about the two breeds which start with the letter “U”

Ultimate Mastiff

The ultimate Mastiff isn’t what you would call a pure breed, instead, it is a result of the crossbreeding between a Neapolitan Mastiff and a Dogue de Bordeaux. So how did the breed get the impressive name of Ultimate Mastiff? Is it really the ultimate mastiff? Let’s find out!

As you would expect the Ultimate Mastiff is a giant breed, and it is also one of the hardiest. Large dog breeds don’t tend to have the longest life expectancy; however, this breed can live up to 12 years. From the shoulder, you can expect the Ultimate Mastiff to stand at between 23 inches and 30 inches tall. Their size combined with their strong-minded personalities makes this breed unsuitable for inexperienced owners who haven’t already found their dominant voice as an owner. They can be incredibly stubborn, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t loyal and affectionate as pets when they are well trained and socialised. They work well in homes with children as long as you can trust the child to be respectful with the breed – just the same as with any breed. However, be cautious when introducing the Ultimate Mastiff to other dogs, as some of the breed can be incredibly dog aggressive. But, when it comes to protecting their human family, they are the perfect guardian dogs.

The Ultimate Mastiff is fairly docile within the home, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t require regular exercise – as you can expect from a breed of their size. It is all too easy for the Ultimate Mastiff to gain weight if they are not sufficiently exercised. However, you must be careful that you don’t over exercise the Ultimate Mastiff as their bones and joints can quickly be strained. Two 30 minute walks each day should be plenty enough to keep them healthy and happy. As they have short coats, grooming is minimal, however, any potential owners will want to ensure that they are able to cover their food bills!

 Never heard of the Utonagan breed? Not many people have! The breed is yet another crossbreed which is not currently KC registered in the UK where the breed was first developed in the late 80s. They were specially bred to look like wolves, however, their character definitely doesn’t match the aesthetic, as they have the character of domestic dogs. In fact, they are so friendly that they are commonly used as therapy dogs as they are so intelligent and adaptable! Despite appearances, there is no wolf present in their DNA, but they can be fairly hard to train, which is why they are not suited to inexperienced owners. However, if you’ve got vocal dominance, the breed can make for brilliant pets.

The breed was created by cross-breeding Alaskan Malamutes, German Shepherds, and Siberian Huskies. Great care was paid to ensure that these breeds experience minimal health issues – which explains the longer than average life expectancy for a larger dog. On average the breed can live up to 15 years and stand at a sizeable height of up to 84cm at the withers.

They have an extremely well-balanced gait which can be seen through their speed and agility combined with the power of the athletic dog breed. Another great thing about this breed is their low prey drive. This means that they are far more concerned with being a companion to their owners rather than chasing prey when you go out for a walk. They are an extremely playful breed, however, this can mean that they can get pretty cheeky if they are allowed to!

This breed isn’t recommended for any owner who spends a large amount of time away from the home as they are susceptible to suffering from separation anxiety if left for long periods of time. They can also tend to be very vocal, but if you were looking for a wolf dog, you’d expect them to howl! If you’re looking for a watchdog, they may not be the watchdog for you. Aggression isn’t one of their defining characteristics.

If you’re looking for a dog which you can trust around your children, the Untonagans are the perfect option. They have an exceptionally gentle and placid nature. Yet, as they are a large dog, they have every potential to become boisterous which could quickly lead to disaster if around a toddler.

Expect to spend a fair amount of time grooming the breed due to their close and tight coat which will get thicker in the winter. So, you’ll need to ensure that you change up the grooming routine accordingly. As you’d expect, they need plenty of exercise daily, at a minimum amount of 60 minutes. Which includes off lead time. When they are left to get bored they can quickly become destructive.