Dog Breeds With the Longest Tongue

Dog Breeds With the Longest Tongue
February 24, 2019

We’ve made plenty of weird and wonderful lists of different features when it comes to dog breeds, but let’s be honest, dogs with long tongues are pretty hilarious.

Generally speaking, there aren’t many specific breeds which have long tongues, however one very adorable dog has won the Guinness world record for having the longest tongue. I’m sure the owners were overcome with joy when their dog won that prize! We’ll come onto to the world record winner a little later, but first, we’ll introduce you to the dog breed which is rumoured to have the longest tongue!

The Dog Breed with the Longest Tongue

If there are any dog breeds with long tongues, the winner overall would be the Boxer, it’s not all too uncommon to see their droopy tongues hanging out of their mouths. However, that may be due to their snubbed noses and distinctively chiselled heads. There are many more reasons to get yourself a Boxer, of course, they are one of the best breeds for family homes with children, in fact, they are favoured for a high number of things including their ability to compete as show dogs. They also come in handy as service and guide dogs assisting disabled people. They are also a very good choice if you’re looking for a watchdog!

The World Record Holder for the Longest Tongue in the World

 The Guinness World Records offer some really odd prizes, whether you could say that a long tongue is an achievement or not, the record holder is still fairly impressive.  

The current prize holder for the Dog with the Longest Tongue is a St Bernard named Mochi, who is adorable for a great number of reasons aside from her 7.3” tongue. Considering that the record for humans is 3.97”, for a dog’s tongue to reach that length is quite something!

Mochi didn’t always the best life before she started to be appreciated for his impressive tongue length, but thankfully she was rescued by his loving adoptive family. You can imagine that she gave plenty of sloppy kisses when she was introduced to the owner’s home in South Dakota. Mochi’s family reported that she mainly uses it to lick up his favourite foods such as peanut butter. We’re assuming that Mochi’s owners aren’t all too bothered by the sloppy sound!

When Mochi’s family were questioned about her award, Mochi’s mum Carla Rickert commented “It will make all the slobber we’ve cleaned up over the last six-and-a-half years worth it!”

So, maybe before you look for a long-tongued dog for yourself, you might also want to consider the dribble factor! The award was handed over to Mochi in London in 2017, and she featured in the first Guinness Record book solely dedicated to some of the most distinctive and adorable pets in the world.  

Mochi was 8 years old when she picked up the award, but she was already getting plenty of attention from strangers on the street for her very distinctive features.

The Dog Mochi Stole the Crown from

 The title didn’t always belong to Mochi before Mochi saw the limelight, a Pekingese called Peggy held the prize for his long which measured 4.5”, given that Mochi’s tongue is nearly three inches bigger, it’s safe to say that he more than deserved to scoop up the prize! Peggy held the title from 2009, which was when his tongue was officially measured, so that’s 7 years he held the title!