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The breed originates from Entlebuch, a small region between the Cantons Bern and Lucerne. The first document describing the "Entlibucherhund" dates from 1889, but long after that there wasn't a strict distinction between the Apentzeller and Entlebuch Cattle Dog. In 1913 in Langenthal four representatives of this pastoral breed with short tail were presented to Prof. Dr. Albert Heim, a great admirer and protector of the Swiss Mountain Dogs. According to the data from judges reports, these dogs are entered in the Swiss Book of Breeds (SHSB) as the fourth Cattle and Mountain breed. The first standard was completed only in 1927.

Dr. B. Kobler created the Club of Entlebuch Cattle Dogs in Switzerland on 28 August 1926. The Entlebuch gets a new momentum in its development when, except the inherent qualities of the lively, tireless pastoral dog, were discovered its remarkable abilities of working and family dog. However, the breed is still rare and puppies for sale are hard to find.

Physical characteristics

This is the smallest of the four Swiss mountain dogs and reaches a height at the withers of no more than 50-52 cm. Its weight is 35 kg on average. This dog has a strong jaw and a solid structure. The ears are well shaped, the eyes - big and brown. The coat is smooth, shiny and protects the dog from almost any weather conditions.

Character and behavior

By nature, these dogs are very friendly, kind, social, curious and active. Strongly attached to their owners, they are kind and calm, but it is advisable to be socialized from an early age to avoid problems in their behavior.

Keep in mind that they are physical, active, very energetic breed, with high exercise requirements.

Training and education

The Entlebuch is highly intelligent and loyal dog, which makes his training easier. He will quickly understand your commands and will soon execute them without hesitation. After a few months of training he will become a loyal friend and indispensable companion for walking and games.

Health problems

The Entlebuch Cattle Dog is a very healthy breed, but some representatives are prone to obesity, hip dysplasia and eye problems. The average lifespan is about 11-15 years.

Grooming and care

The most appropriate home for these dogs is a house or farm. They need more space for running and exploring. You should have a lot of free time to spend with your pet, as well as some experience in growing dogs. It is important to know that the hot and humid climate affects the health of this breed.

What food you give to your dog is a choice you should make by your own, but we suggest a consultation with a veterinarian to determine the best dosage and meals for your puppy. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.

Children and other pets

This dog gets along well with other pets, but more interesting is that he really loves children and is very tolerant with them. Despite his relatively small size he is also an excellent defender of the family – strong and courageous.

Interesting facts

The AKC Gazette describes the Entlebuch Cattle Dog as so dependable and intelligent that they can oversee a production from clover to cheese. They can do everything but milk the cows:

“They can be trusted, because they are a thinking dog, to take the cows into the hills and bring them back. Then the farmer milks the cows, puts the milk in the cans and sends the dogs off alone to the cheese maker. Then the cheese maker sends the dogs home” (Jan Vincent, president of the National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association, NEMDA)

This is a quote, which I really think we should keep in the text, cause it is very interesting.