Serbian Tricolor Hound

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TheSerbian Tricolor Hound is a rare breed of scent hounds descending from Serbia. In the past these dogs were considered a variation of the Serbian Hound and was called Yugoslavian tricolor hound. The breed was recognized by the F.C.I. in 1961, thus the 1ststandard of the dog was written in the books. After Yugoslavia fell apart in 1990, the breed was given the name of "Serbian tricolor hound". Nowadays the breed is quite popular in its native country, but it is not very likely for it to be seen outside its borders.

Physical characteristics

These dogs are medium in size averaging 46 to 56cm in height and 20 to 25kg in weight. The skull is a little bit rounder than the Serbian hounds, the muzzle is shorter than the skull and the nose is black. Its eyes should always be dark, the ears are long and are reaching down to the cheeks of the pup. The body is rectangular and very muscular, well proportioned. The body hair is quite short, dense and lies nicely over the body. It is slightly longer over the limbs and the tail. The color is yellow, reddish or fox red with a black mantle. A white round collar is formed around the neck, reaching the muzzle. It looks like a star.

Character and behavior

The Serbian tricolor hound is not very well suited for living in an apartment. It is a very energetic, full of life dog which is always ready for a hunt or a game. Its temperament is very pleasant. These dogs are cheerful and would always try to please their master. They would want human attention and affection, though they can be somewhat stubborn and sensitive if they feel that they are criticized. There are downsides of owning such a dog though. They have and extraordinary instinct to hunt, and if not exercised properly, they could end up destroying furniture, bark loudly or even disobey orders.

Training and education

The breed needs a firm hand for their training. It is a very intelligent dog, but it can also be very sensitive. They are in constant need of attention and exercise and react very well to rewards. They would do anything to please their master. The dog is also known to be very dependable. With the proper education, it could do any job given to it. Hunting small prey like a hares or foxes, or even bigger ones like deers or boars. Thus, their highly sensitive sense of smell can sometimes occur in chasing small animals like mice, cats or other dogs. We can conclude that these dogs react well to training and would be a great adjustment to your family.

Health problems

Most common health problems are hip dysplasia. They are also prone tocancer, but that is quite rare. Other problems could be hypothyroidism and cryptorchidism. They are also sensitive to anesthesia. They can live up to 12 years.

Grooming and care

The dog’s hair is short so it doesn’t require much attention concerning its grooming. Regular brushing would be just enough to keep the natural oils of the body intact. Of course the teeth and ears of the dog need some attention aside of the brushing. Nail clipping is advised as well.

Children and other pets

This breed is known for its caring and gentle approach to children. If well socialized, it gets along really well with other animals too. That’s if they are introduced to them at a young age.

Interesting facts

The breed is outstanding when hunting rabbits and foxes in Serbia. Although it is unlikely to find puppies for sale outside its country of origin, the reputation of this dog is widely spread.