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This dog is a short-haired version of the popular long-haired Scottish Sheepdog. It is believed that their origin is common, but unlike his cousin - the Collie Rough, who was bred in the mountain pastures of Scotland, the short-haired version was created in the area of Northumberland County, where the climate was milder. According to another theory, the ancestors of Smooth Collie were larger and came from old mastiffs.

Physical characteristics

The short-coated (smooth coated) Collie generally has a majestic presence, with live reaction to everything that happens around him. This is an intelligent dog with confidence in himself. The head is very typical - blunted downloaded wedge with beautiful sculptures and clean lines. Regardless of color, the nose should always be black. The tail is very characteristic - it is long, carried relaxed and slightly curved at the end. Coloration can be black and white, or tricolor with blue. White coloring can appear on the collar, chest, feet and tip of the tail. The eyes are medium size / but not too small / almond-shaped and extended upward. They are usually dark brown, but can also be blue-black. The ears are small, the chest is deep.

Character and behavior

The smooth coated Collie has the same character as the rough one. In fact, the difference between the two species is mainly in the length of the coat.

This dog is characterized by a remarkable courage and enter into a fight even with wolves.

Training and education

Collie is one of the smartest dogs and is very easy to train. He will do anything to please his master, so easily lends himself to training and education. If you back the praise of well-executed command with a treat, the puppy will execute your commands even more enthusiastically. Rough treatment by the owner during training will not angry the dog, but your pet will be deeply affected. He will never show aggression to his owner, regardless of the situation. Recommended training starts from the moment the Collie Smooth enters your home.

Health problems

Overall the Collie Smooth is a healthy dog, but it is good to check his pedigree for hereditary diseases. Make sure that the parents of the puppies for sale are completely healthy.

The breed is prone to some problems like:

Gastric torsion - painful and often fatal twisting of the stomach, which can be prevented by feeding the puppy with small meals and not allowing games or running immediately before or after eating. Epilepsy - frequency of the seizures which is often significantly reduced by medication, but there is no real cure for this disease.

The average lifespan is about 12-14 years.

Grooming and care

Dogs of this breed love to run and it is good to provide them with a lot of exercise. When walking, you can be certain they will not escape, so the leash is useless. In addition, Collie never attacks humans or dogs except to protect his owner. Representatives of this breed do not like loud noises.

It is not recommended to give your Collie too hot or too cold food, as well as spicy, salty, sweet food, pasta and smoked meats.

Children and other pets

Collie Smooth is a dog that gets along very well with small children, he is almost like a nanny for them. So you can leave the kids with your dog without fear. Collie loves to be with his owners and happily travels everywhere with them.

Interesting facts

If left alone for too long, the Collie Smooth can destroy your belongings because loneliness leads him to fall into a state of stress. These dogs bark very loudly and are able to do it for hours, especially if left alone for a long time.

The Collie Smooth is very careful dog and always looks out for his safety and that of his owners. This can sometimes be confused with fear as the dog tends to avoid certain places considered noisy or dangerous.