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As its name indicates, the Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog is a versatile hunting dog from Italy, where it is known as Spinone Italiano. This is one of the oldest breeds of hunting dogs. Scientists cannot reach consensus on the origin of the Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog. Some believe that this breed was derived from an ancient Italian breed - Segudgio, while others insist that the ancestor of the breed was the Griffon from Brescia imported from France and crossed with other hunting dogs. It was particularly popular among the royal families between the 13th and 16th century. Translated from Italian Spinone means "thorny, prickly," which may be due to the structure of the hair or the fact that these dogs are very efficient in tracking in prickly overgrown areas.

In the past this breed was an excellent hunter of foxes, rabbits and wild boars. Today these dogs perform very well in agility, flaybol, as well as rescuing people.

The Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog is very popular in Italy, but is little known elsewhere andpuppies for sale are hard to find outside the Apenini peninsula.

Physical characteristics

The Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog is large and muscular with dense bones. The coat is sharp, barbed, the coloration can be white or white with ginger or brown splashes. The nose is large, like a sponge, the eyes are round, expressive, and their color can be dark yellow to brown. His ears are small, triangular and almost always hang down. This dog has a pronounced beard, mustache and eyebrows.

His head is like a roof with two sloping sides. The neck is muscular, the back is straight, the chest is deep. The tail is usually between 15 and 25 cm without fringe that stands horizontally or let down.

This pointing dog can hunt on any terrain - from ice water to swamps inaccessible and densely overgrown areas. By nature, it is very skillful in bringing the prey.

Males representatives weigh between 34 and 39 kg, females – 29 - 34 kg.

Character and behavior

The Italian Pointer is a gentle, loyal and friendly dog. It's temperamental, brave and very durable,sociable and smart. This breed is affectionate and gentle. It loves to play, but takes very seriously its mission to hunt.

Training and education

The Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog is patient and responsible. It easily learns any new exercise. Sometimes in the process of education, the pup could show independent and stubborn character, so you should be very persistent in training. However, it is clever and amenable to training.

In recent years, the Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog is grown more as a pet and companion than as a hunting dog.

This breed loves to bounce, so if you raise it in a house, make sure you have a fenced yard.

When these dogs live in a loving family, that give them enough attention and care, they literally bloom.

Health problems

Overall the Italian Wire-haired Pointer is a healthy dog. There have been rare cases of dysplasia of the hip bones. With care and good food this hunter can live between 12 and 14 years.

Grooming and care

The Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog drinks plenty of water, so the bowl should never be dry. You should clean the beard and mustache every day because they keep dirt, especially after eating.Trimming can be done three or four times a year, brushing – once or twice per week. Clean the nails, ears and teeth regularly.

These dogs need to run freely in larger spaces.

Children and other pets

The Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog is good and gentle with children. Does not show aggression towards other dogs and is friendly with strangers. Can behave calmly, even with cats if they grew up together.

This pointer loves its owner and all family members unconditionally.

Interesting facts

This breed is recognized by almost every single canine organization: FCI, KCGB, AKC,CKC,NZKC, NKC, APRI, SCA, NAPR, ACR, DRA,CKC.