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Karelian Bear Dog, in Finnish - Karjalankarhukoira, is an old breed known since the Vikings spread in the province of Karelia and Lake Ladoga - the border between Russia and Finland. Finns began to develop these dogsvery activelyto keep their purity in 1934 and a year later it was recognized as one of the leading breeds among hunting dogs. In 1946 the International Dog Federation recognized the breed, but at this time because of the war, there were only 40 purebred specimens. Later, these dogs were widely spread in Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain and Russia. Nowadays puppies for salecan be found almost everywhere in the world. The Karelian Bear Dog has a very fine sense of smell, well-developed sense of direction and is an excellent hunter of big game - bears, elk, wild boars.

Physical characteristics

The Karelian Bear Dog is a wonderful, medium-sized animal. Even at first glance it looks attractive and remarkable. It is strong, muscular, sturdily built, yet agile and very fast. Male representatives are 59 cm high, and females - about 5 cm shorter. The average weight is 20-23 kg.

The coat is medium length, straight and sharp, and the bottom layer is soft and dense. It protects from adverse weather conditions. On the neck and back the hair is longer, thicker and fluffy. Coloration is black, matte or dark brown shades. May have white spots on the head, neck, chest and stomach, and sometimes on the feet. The eyes are round, brown and very expressive. The ears are triangular with slightly rounded tip. The muzzle is broad and black. The tail is medium long, highly complex and curved over the back.

Character and behavior

The Karelian Bear Dog has a balanced character. This is an independent breed that has a great courage, tenacity and dignity. The dog is smart and pretty independent. It hunts alone because it can pick a fight with other dogs. When hunting it is never very far from its master. It is suspicious of strangers.

Training and education

The main part of the education of the Karelian Bear Dog is training. It should start from an early age by an experienced person, firm, fair and consistent with the dog. A longer training period is needed for a good socialization. The owner must control the aggression of his pet. After proper training, the dog becomes devoted to its owner, but can sometimes chase birds and cats.

The main part of the training must be physical exercise, walking and of course hunting. Patience and systematic training will make the Karelian Bear Dog an obedient pet.

Health problems

This breed is distinguished by an excellent health. There are no data for specific diseases or genetic predispositions. Proper nutrition and physical exercise will keep your puppy in good condition. The average lifespan is 11 years.

Grooming and care

The hair of the Karelian Bear Dog does not fall much, but it is recommended to regularly comb it with a metal brush. It does not smell, so bathe only when necessary. It is important to regularly check the ears and paws to clean them of dirt and dust. If you walk among the people, the dog must be on a leash and muzzled.

This pup does not show caprices to food and do not eat much, but almost 50% of the portion should contain meat. Adult dogs should eat twice a day and the small ones - 3-4 times.

Karelian Bear Dog should not be grown in the apartment. The best place is a spacious fenced yard or a farm, where it can run freely.

Children and other pets

The Karelian Bear Dog is very good with children. It is in his nature to fight with other dogs, but if it is raised with pets, he will get along with them. Your faithful companion will always protect you from strangers.

Interesting facts

Initially, the Russians recognized the Karelian Bear Dog, but then changed their mind and adopted the rule to recognize only local breeds. They accepted the Karelian-Finnish Laika, which is the same as Karelian Bear Dog in all aspects.