French White and Black Hound

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The French White and Black Hound originates from crosses between Foxhounds and the Saintongeois hound. In 1957 all the names of different Anglo-French hounds were officially changed to "anglo- français". They are mostly used to hunt large game like boar and Roe Deer, or rodent, foxes and other smaller animals.

The breed was first recognized by the French Kennel Club in group 6 and then by the FCI in group “Scenthounds”. In its homeland France, the breed is still a preferred hunter and representatives could rarely be seen in exhibitions. Lately, some specimens were imported into England and USA but the breed is still rare and puppies for sale are promoted as unique and special exemplars.

Physical characteristics

This is a powerful hound, with long drop ears, elegant legs, and a long tail. The coat color is white with black spots. The average height is between 61 and 73 cm and the weight – between 23 and 35 kg.

Character and behavior

The French White and Black Hound is a loyal and affectionate dog, calm and docile, strongly attached to its family and master. These dogs are not aggressive, but will warn you with their strong voice if a stranger arrive at your doorstep. Don't expect your hound to be protective, it will walk away from any frightening situation. It is a human oriented and social breed and will always act friendly.

It is a pleasure to watch the French White and Black Hound during hunting. Its running, agility, and scenting sense are just amazing. This dog will make you proud both with its hunting abilities and its devotion as a family pet.

Training and education

The education of the French Black and White Hound is not an easy task. Due to its need for human attention and willingness to please its owner, this dog responds quite well to commands and basic training. However, like all hunting breeds, these dogs are sometimes stubborn. You should be patient and consistent if you want to achieve good results.

The best strategy in training is to use tasty treats, different forms of praise and rewards. You shouldn't use harsh methods or force your puppy, this will cause the opposite effect.

Health problems

Like almost all hounds, this dog suffers from canine elbow and hip dysplasia, skin infections and allergies, eye problems, ear infections, demodex mange and hound ataxia.

The average life span is between 12 and 15 years.

Grooming and care

The French Black and White Hound doesn't need any special care. It is quite sufficient to brush the hair twice a week to keep the coat in good condition and preserve the shiny looks. You should check and clean the ears to avoid infections. Nails should be trimmed at least once in every 4 months.

This is very energetic dog, which requires a lot of physical exercises and games. Daily walks in open spaces are a must. This breed is not suitable for life in an apartment, the perfect owner has a big house with a yard.

Children and other pets

Energetic and playful, this animal is an excellent companion for children. It is gentle and patient both with older and smaller kids. These hounds are accustomed to live in groups and get along quite well with other dogs. However, they are hunters by nature and will definitely chase smaller animals, rodents, cats and birds.

Interesting facts

The recognition by the FCI slightly increased the awareness of the French Black and White Hound so it didn’t gained much attention and appreciation from hunters in other European countries. Nowadays the breeding is solely in the hands of French Kennels and hunters. The future of this beautiful dog depends on this small community of enthusiasts. Let's hope they will continue the selective breeding and more puppies for sale will be available on the market soon.