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Burgos Pointing Dog is an old Spanish breed similar to Barak. Home of this is central and northern Spain. His predecessor is the Old Spanish Pointer, but unlike the Burgos one, he was larger and heavier.

There are two different theories about his origin. The first says that this is a native dog that has developed only in the province of Burgos, in northern Spain. The second assumes that it is a crossbreed between a hunting dog and Iberian Spanish Hound. The first descriptions of Burgos Braque back to the sixteenth century: a very similar race was mentioned in "Dialogues on the art of hunting and hunting big" by Alonso Martinez de Espinar, head of the archers of King Philip VI.

In the past the Burgos Pointing Dog was used for deer hunting. In time the breed is being increasingly used for hunting small game - partridge, rabbit and others. However, this dog can hunt almost anything and in any conditions. He is strong and powerful, adapted to work on any terrain and in any climate. These puppies have a good instinct and are extremely durable. In Europe, they became known in the early 17th century. The breed was officially recognized in 1982.

Physical characteristics

This is an elegant, well built dog. The height at the withers is about 51-61 cm, and the weight – 25-39 kg. The head is relatively large. The muzzle is slightly square, with a nice expression. The ears hang and hair the is short and thin. Coloration can be in sand, white with brown spots and shades.

Character and behavior

The Burgos Pointing Dog has a calm temperament and balanced behavior. These dogs are hard-working, able to seek traces on any terrain.

These puppies are friendly to people and get along very well with other dogs. Despite the fact that in general these dogs have intensified hunting instinct, they can become the perfect family pet.

Apart from hunting, he is sweet, nice, very friendly and could be a very good companion dog. But he is almost never used as such because he is highly regarded as a hunter.

Training and education

In the process of training you should use gentle methods, without being rough and hard. Due to the high intelligence of this breed, you will notice how quickly they learn and remember your commands. You must be patient, if the perception is not as easy as you wish, remember – this dog has a strong character. Do not forget about socialization from an early age.

Health problems

The Burgos Pointing Dog is a very robust animal without any particular health problems. After a day of hunting, simply check his ears.

The average life expectancy is about 14 years.

Grooming and care

The Burgos Pointing Dog would feel well in an apartment as long as he goes out often. Nevertheless, the best place to raise him is a house with a yard or a garden, because he needs lots of exercise. Brushing twice a week is absolutely enough. Bathe only when necessary.

Children and other pets

The Burgos Pointing Dog is very loyal to his owner and other family members and shows a strong affection for all. He loves children and is willing to spend a lot of time in activitiese and fun games with them. Get along well with other pets and dogs. In general, this is the perfect loyal friend of the whole family.

Interesting facts

The Burgos Pinting Dog shines among the most ancient breeds and according to some dog lovers he is the ancestor of all other Pointers.

Many specialists see him as the ancestor of the Braque, German Braque and French Braque.

This breed is widespread, very loved and properly raised in his country of origin, but puppies for sale are hard to find outside Spain.