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Many people believe that the French bulldog has a ferocious character and strong jaws that help this relatively small animal to be a winner in battles with larger dogs. Indeed, the ancestors of French bulldog are English Bulldogs, who are well known for their strength and courage. Among the ancestors of the French bulldog are also American bulldogs who are known for both ferocity and guarding instinct. But in fact, the French bulldog has been created by breeders as an ornamental puppy. For this reason, the French bulldog is nice and friendly. It is suitable for families with small children.

French breeders think that the modern French bulldog owns its qualities to the Spanish Bulldogs - a rare breed, which no longer exists today. They were crossed with English and American bulldogs. This happened in the XIX century. These dogs were favorites of small traders, French bohemians, aristocrats and politicians.

Physical characteristics

The French bulldog reaches a weight up to 14 kg. Despite its small size it has a harmonious body with well developed muscles and strong bone structure. The head is massive and square. The nose is wide and very short, with wide nostrils. The muzzle is very short, with folds that descend to the upper lip. The eyes are round, large and protruding. They are dark in color. The ears are not very big and rounded. The tail is not docked, it is short by birth. The limbs are strong and muscular. The coat is short, shiny and soft. The main color is dark and shouldn't have any spots. However, there are pure white French bulldogs.

Character and behavior

The French Bulldog is good, sweet, docile and gentle dog. The breed is distinguished by extreme sociability and love for its owner. They do not like to be alone and if left alone for a long time may get depressed. When necessary, the French bulldog can become an excellent watchdog, signaling with his barking for danger. Despite the fact that the representatives of the breed are nor great fans of sport, the breed is very active and needs to be monitored.

Training and education

The French Bulldog is a dog that will try to show his leadership qualities to his owner from an early age. These dogs need an owner who exhibits hardness in training without leading to physical punishment. The French Bulldog is greedy and this can be successfully used during his training.,

Health problems

The French Bulldog is prone to various types of allergies. They cause eczema on the body of the bulldog and he is constantly scratching. Allergies can be caused by food - eggs, milk, fish, soy, red fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits, linseed oil, sugar and smoked meat. Some French Bulldogs are allergic to shampoos. Allergies can be caused by the bites of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and bees. The French Bulldog is prone to hay fever. Some dogs also suffer from ophthalmic diseases, especially conjunctivitis. They are prone to diseases of the urinary system and problems with the eyelid.

The average life expectancy is 10-12 years.

Grooming and care

This dog does not emit characteristic for most dogs smell and is therefore popular inhabitant of apartments. After a walk is enough to wash the paws of the dog and wipe with a damp towel. The muzzle of the French Bulldog accumulates dirt and mucus, so every day it should be cleaned and lubricated with special creams. It is recommended to monitor the status of the eyes and ears. Bathing is not recommended more than once a year because it will affect the state of his hair.

These dogs are emotional and can try to get into a battle with a large dog, so it is better to walk them on a leash. They can not run long, especially if the weather is hot. The body of the French bulldog is quite bulky compared to his limbs, so it is recommended to avoid stairs, as this can lead to injury of the spin - especially for dogs under one year of age.

Children and other pets

These dogs have no problem communicating with children, but every rule has its exceptions, and you must still be cautious. Usually French bulldogs do not show aggression towards strangers and other animals.

Interesting facts

A century ago, the French bulldog was considered one of the most elite breeds and some some puppies for sale costed around 5000 dollars.

The football star David Beckham and the famous actor Hugh Jackman are admirers of French bulldogs. The eccentric singer Lady Gaga has a French bulldog Aisha, who has a profile on social networks.

On board of the sunken ship "Titanic" there was a French bulldog. It was owned by a banker and bore the name Gamini De Pikomb. The little dog was seen to swim after the ship's collision with an iceberg and according to survivors Gamini had managed to survive as well.