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According to some canine specialists, the Kuvasz breed originated from Hungary, where it was used to keep the rulers. These dogs were raised to guard the homes of the ancient population in the Hungarian lands against thieves and wild animals. Later, in the villages they were used to protect their owners. The breed has existed since ancient times. Kuvasz ancestors were created in the Carpathian Basin. At the time of King Matthias Corvinus, who was a passionate hunter, these dogs were mainly used for hunting.

Physical characteristics

The Kuvasz is huge in size, something you should take into account when you have small children at home. It is large, working dog with well developed bones and muscles. The coat is rough and thick, with a slight curl characteristic that distinguishes it from others white shepherd dogs. The color is white, but can also be ivory. The weight of the female representatives of this breed is about 32-41 kg,male's is around 45-52 kg. The height varies from 66 to 75 cm.

Character and behavior

The Kuvasz is a large dog, full of strength and nobility. This animal possesses certain qualities such as durability and tirelessness. Kuvasz is designed for security and has all the necessary qualities for this. From an early age should be educated and learnt to communicate with people, to behave in the family. It has a strong and deep barking, making it an excellent guardian of the home and family. The breed is very energetic and it is very important to provide them with walks and games. But you should choose the right places – safe and secure. Due to the size and love of freedom, this dog is not for "everyone", not suitable for living in an apartment or in a big city. With the right owner and the right atmosphere the Kuvasz can be a loyal, friendly and loving pet.

Training and education

Early provision of social environment is important when it comes to training. The Kuvasz is extremely intelligent and easily memorize any commands. This breed loves to dominate others, and gets easily bored, so you should have more experience with dogs, be confident and solid, but train the puppy with "light" hand.

Health problems

The life expectancy is around 10-12 years. In the upbringing and development of your pup several health problems can occur. Some of these issues include: thyroid problems, sensitivity to certain drugs and medications, HD and OCD. Before you choose from a number of puppies for sale of this breed, you should be sure that both parents have a certificate OFA.

Grooming and care

Although the Kuvasz has a beautiful and long hair, maintenance requirements are not at allcomplicated. To keep the coat in good condition it is necessary to comb it once a week and little more often during the shedding seasons. This breed is is characterized as a heavy shedder, so it is not a good choice for people who suffer from allergies.

Children and other pets

This dog will fervently defend everyone in the family - children, adults, other pets. It can be reserved and even behave aggressively with strangers. Some representatives show aggression to other unfamiliar animals on their territory.

Interesting facts

There are a lot of polemics about the origin of the breed name. Some historians claim that it comes from the Turkish word Kavas, which mean soldier or guard. Others think that the word originates from the name of ancient Russian farmers – Chuvash, who contributed a lot in the development of the breed.

This is one of the most popular Hungarian dogs. In the movie “Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco”, the dog Delilah is a Kuvasz.