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Pont-Audemer Spaniel


There are two versions of the origin of this dog. According to one, this breed is a cross between Irish Water Spaniel and French Spaniel from Picardy, and according to second one, it is a cross of Old English Water Spaniel, poodle and Barbet.

In 1886 The Kennel Club of Le Havre started the selection of this breed to develop the qualities of a dog for hunting waterfowl in wetlands. It is most preferred to hunt ducks and snipes. Unfortunately, the two world wars were almost fatal for the breed. Nowadays, thanks to the keen canine specialists who appreciated its hunting skills and qualities as a pet, the breed was revived, but remains quite rare. They are especially valuable in regions with wetlands such as Normandy and the Camargue (southern France).

Pont-Audemer Spaniel is a true hunting dog and an excellent swimmer, a specialist in hunting in the swamps, and it adjusts to all terrain. It is very durable even in bad weather, is not afraid of rain, wind and storms. The standard of the breed was established in 1964.

Physical characteristics

The Pont-Audemer Spaniel is a leader in terms of its originality and rarity. With its tuft of curly hair on top of the head and long silky ears - looking as an aristocrat with a wig from the 18th century. Because of its original unique look that the dog has earned the nickname "clown of the marshes."

It is not very big, but his body looks solid and stocky, with a small square. Head is smooth, eyes are small, colored dark amber or hazel. Ears are flat and long, tail is set high, it’s short and covered with thick curly hair. Coat is rough, sharp, dense and oily, and its color is brown or brown with gray. Limbs of the dog are strong and muscular.

Character and behavior

The Pont-Audemer Spaniel is an obedient and smart dog that always wants to please its master. It is a bold, especially durable, accurate and fun. Moreover, the dog is very energetic, but balanced.

At home it is well-behaved, polite and doesn't cause problems.

Training and education

This breed is easy to train as it understands commands quickly. It just has to develop its natural qualities, especially if you are a hunter. The first rule is to never get angry, do not fuss, or be rude to a dog, don't yell at it or threaten. Otherwise, the Pont-Audemer Spaniel will enter water and there it will flee from you and will disobey. The second important rule is to train your pet to live outdoors in any climate, so it will not be stressed when hunting in severe environments.

Groming and care

It is best to raise your Pont-Audemer Spaniel in a house with a big yard. It is enough to brush dogs hair each time after you return from hunting to remove thorns, twigs, pebbles and leaves. If it hunts in swamps, then it will return muddy and you need to bathe it immediately.

Its hair is naturally curly and do you not need to bring it to a hairdresser.

Health problems

This breed has a good general health. Daily food intake should not exceed 400 grams of meat. But if your dog is already old and do not hunt, you should reduce a dose, because it is threatened by overweight.

Track a status of ears and clean them, because like every breed with hanging ears, this one is also prone to infections.

Average life expectancy of this dog is about 13 years.

Children and other pets

The Pont-Audemer Spaniel loves to be in a company of its owners. At home, it is calm, gentle with children and can play for hours with them. It fits in all families with kids of all ages. This dog gets along well with other animals as well.

Interesting facts

Currently, this breed is very rare and puppies for sale can be found mainly in Normandy and Picardy. There are several specimens in Canada too. No more than 50 puppies are born annually, and in total there are only about 300 representatives of the breed worldwide.