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The exact origin of the Aidi is difficult to define and there are many speculations about it. It may been brought by the Phoenicians who came from the Sahara, however, what is certain is that it has lived in the mountains of North Africa and areas which now are part of Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Morocco. Dogs of this breed are never used as herding dogs, although in the first breed standard in 1963 it was classified as a sheepdog. This error was corrected in the standard of 1969, where was mentioned that these dogs live in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Libya and Algeria and are used to protect livestock from wild cats and other predators.

In addition to working these dogs are used for hunting, guard dogs and as a pet. The Aidi shares many characteristics with other mountain breed of this region.

Physical characteristics

Usually these dogs are high from 51 to 64 cm and weigh up to an average of 25-35 kg. Their muscular body is protected by a dense and weather resistant coat. The fur is heavy and dense, but soft, which is surprising for an African breed. Their head is proportional to the body and has a characteristic shape sword. These dogs have pointed snout with a black or brown nose that usually matches the color of the coat.

Their jaws are strong with tight black or brown lips. The ears are medium in size, tilted forward and slightly dropping, the eyes are dark, medium size. The color of their fur can be white, black and white, pale red or light brown.

Character and behavior

The Aidi dogs are very energetic and have a strong instinct to protect, making them excellent guard dogs. They are strong, very agile, alert and always ready for action. Puppies of the breed are very sensitive, so they need attention and appropriate training from early age. If you want to have such a dog for a pet, you have to socialize it very precisely.

Training and education

Due to its intelligence and sociability, the Atlas Mountain Dog puppy has some potential to be trained for hunting wild boar. In France, the Independent Centre of Education select the best puppies for sale in the country to train them to support and guide blind people.

Health problems

There is no particular risk of diseases as this dog is known for his good health. The average life expectancy of the Atlas Mountain Dog is around 12 years.

Grooming and care

A house made food is ideal for this dog. But it can also eat almost any kind of food.

Apartment life is possible only with sun outdoor excursions, during which the puppy can unleash his need of large spaces. The Aidi tends to bark a lot, in other words, apartment living is not made for him. A house with garden would make him happy and if you live in the mountains, it's even better because he loves the great outdoors!

Children and other pets

The Aidi is a mountain dog who has great skills in the care and personal defense of his master. It is very close to his family, protecting both children and adults, but distrustful to strangers. In general, this is a dog that does not like to be alone.

Interesting facts

The origins of the Atlas Mountain Dog remains unknown: it is hard to provide evidence for its ancestors. The first appearances of this dog dated back to the nineteenth century, they are work of Oriental painters and photographers.

Moreover, its morphology was never changed by unscrupulous breeders as has been the case for many breeds. It's a dog of "nature", a wild strand, ideal for those who like authenticity.