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The Goldendoodle is a mix of Golden Retriever and Poodle. Its other name is Curly Golden. The breed appeared in the early 90s in the northern regions of Australia and the USA. It was initially grown to guide blind people with allergies.

There isn't any club of the breed, but the online community of owners and lovers grows fast. Some people believe that the breed will become way more popular than the other Doodles.

The Goldendoodle is not recognized as a breed because it is a hybrid between two already established dogs.

Physical characteristics

This is a medium-sized dog. The coat is thick and silky with medium length of the hair. It can withstand bad weather, storms and floods. The main colors are white, yellow, brown, gold, peach and sable. The average height is between 52 and 62 cm and the weigh - between 21 and 34 kg.

There are three size variations of the breed: mini, medium and standard.

Character and behavior

The Goldendoodle is agile, easy, true, playful, sensitive and sociable dog. It is noteworthy because it possesses the intelligence of retrievers and poodles. Like most hybrid dogs, it is difficult to predict the temperament of the Goldendoodle, but we can safely that its characteristics are a result from the mix of the qualities typical of both breeds.

It is a friendly dog that anticipates the needs of the family. Loves to play with children, loves water and can live anywhere, but needs a lot of movement. This is a perfect companion. The coat falls less and there is almost no doggy smell, so it is a very good choice for people suffering from allergies.

The average litter is between 6 and 10 puppies.

Training and education

The Goldendoodle is very easy to train, but it takes patience and firmness as his overflowing energy can be a problem. Your pet will bark only to warn that there is someone at the door. He loves to be stimulated physically and mentally. You can start training as soon as the puppy begin to set foot firmly on the ground. If you include your pup in the family life and various activities, you will have an excellent, sweet, polite and loving dog.

Health problems

This is generally a healthy dog, but can suffer from hip dysplasia. It is also possible to have a hereditary disease of the eye. There are sometimes ear infections due to swimming.

Mixed breeds usually live longer than pure breeds. The average life expectancy is about 12 to 16 years.

Grooming and care

The Goldendoodle requires regular maintenance. You should comb the hair every day and trim the nails at least once per month. You can grow your puppy in the town or in the countryside, it will easily adapt to any environment.

Children and other pets

Representatives of the breed are careful and kind to children. They are not aggressive towards other dogs. Ideal for family pets, but require human attention and a lot of games. People call them "men in dog's skin."

Interesting facts

These dogs love to run and can travel together with their master for 15-20 kilometers. They can swim for miles, climb mountains or run all day long. If they do not spend their energy, Goldendoodles may become ill, suffer from depression or even become aggressive.

Many organizations and foundations in North America are looking for puppies for sale of this breed. This is due to the fact that Goldendoodles achieve great success as service dogs, sniffer dogs, therapy dogs and guide dogs. They are also very good in sport and especially in Agility.