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Dalmatians history began many millenniums ago. This is one of the oldest breeds in the world. Externally, they resemble of the so-called ash dog that lived more than 5,000 years ago. Statuettes of spotted dogs that look like modern Dalmatians, were found during excavations of ancient Greek and Egyptian artifacts. The homeland of Dalmatians is accepted the Mediterranean and especially the ancient part of Yugoslavia, known as Dalmatia.

Over the centuries, these beautiful dogs were called differently - they were known as Dalmatian dogs, but also as a Turkish dog. They are called also “the dogs of fortunetellers” and “dogs that bring darkness and light”. Perhaps this was due to a combination of black and white color of their fur.

In XVII century the breed became extremely popular in the Vatican. A century later it became fashionable to have a dog of this breed in England. Dalmatians ran next to the carriages of the aristocrats, that is how appeared their English nickname - “carriage dog”. The first description of the breed was made in 1878. In 1890 this standard was officially approved.

Physical characteristics

Male representatives reach 64 cm in height and weigh up to 35 kg. Females are more subtle, they weigh up to 27 kilograms and reach up to 60 cm height. The head is elongated with slightly pointed muzzle. Dalmatians with black spots have black noses, Dalmatians with brown spots have brown noses. The eyes are round, medium in size, with a clever look. In Dalmatians with black spots eyes are dark brown, in dogs with brown spots eyes are light brown or amber.

The ears are dropping, with narrowing rounded edges. The neck is nicely arched, the chest - well developed. The tail is long, narrows at the end. Even when in a good mood, a Dalmatian never holds his tail high. The basic color of the coat is pure white. The spots are black or brown, 2-3 cm in diameter and are irregular circles and ovals.

Character and behavior

Overall Dalmatians are extremely sensitive and attached to their owners. They are full of energy, determination, confidence, and have a very good memory. Thanks to the excellent developed muscles these dogs can run for miles. They like to run away and have a "selective" hearing. You can call them as you like, but they simply "do not hear you."

Sometimes Dalmatians can be very independent and stubborn. Due to the indiscriminate breeding there are problems with temper and aggression. But not all Dalmatians are problematic. With proper selection and training they become great pets.

Training and education

Dalmatians are very smart dogs, but their training should start right from the beginning. If the Dalmatian felt his owner is not sufficiently assertive in demanding the execution of commands, he will he will do whatever he wants. No matter how good is your dog, he will always try to become a leader. Harsh methods in training are not recommended, because this breed is very sensitive. Dalmatians are easily offended of such treatment and may even refuse to eat. It is believed that the dogs of this breed are not smart enough, but this is not so - they are very intelligent and are subject to training, it just has to start earlier.

Health problems

Dalmatians are prone to forming kidney stones because their bodies produce too much uric acid. To avoid this, you should give them special food. Some dogs of this breed are born with congenital deafness. They are also prone to various types of allergies, hip dysplasia, inversion of the eyelids, disorders of the skin, glaucoma and cataract.

Grooming and care

Before choosing this breed among a lot of puppies for sale, you should be aware that these dogs need exercise, long walks and space to run. The Dalmatian is suitable for people with active lifestyles. This dog can run for hours without getting tired at all, so it is better to think in advance if you can provide such an opportunity for him.

Children and other pets

This is one of the recommended breeds for families with small children. If you want your kid to be able to walk out peacefully with your pet, it is recommended to buy a female dog because they are more docile and less dynamic than males.

Interesting facts

Few people are aware that Dalmatians are born pure white. The spots appear at a later stage. Some Dalmatians are born with black ears - they are not allowed to participate in competitions and exhibitions. The same goes for Dalmatians with bright blue eyes.

An interesting fact is that Dalmatians learn to make a very typical expression on their snout that resembles a smile, in which they showed all his teeth.