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The birthplace of this rare dog the Netherlands. Representatives of the breed are well known for their hunting and guarding instincts. The Frisian Pointing Dog, also known as Stabyhoun, is obtained by crosses between German and French Spaniel. This is a faithful and hardworking assistant, who gained popularity both at home and abroad. Today they are relatively rare - only 3500 registered dogs worldwide.

Information and stories about the Stabyhoun dating from the early 1800's can be found in specific books, written by Waling Dijkstra, Nynke fan Hichtum and Joost Halbertsma. In the beginning these dogs were used for hunting birds, small game and foxes.

Physical characteristics

The Stabyhoun has a strong body, covered with long hair, which is longer on the limbs and the tail. Coloration occurs in brown, orange or black with white spots. The height of representatives varies from 49 to 53 cm and their weight - from 18 to 25 kg. The head has a rectangular nose, small dark eyes and large, pendulous ears. The limbs are muscular, with a long tail and fluffy fur.

The head should be longer than wider with shorter hair than on the body. The skull is domed, but not narrow or wide. The foreface is strong, the muzzle is broad, the teeth have a strong bite. The expression should be intelligent and gentle.

Character and behavior

The Frisian Pointing dogs possess a balanced character and calm and friendly behavior. The distinctive trait of these four-legged assistants is a high dedication and endless effort to please its owner. This breed is very patient and friendly. For all his good traits, this dog is becoming more and more popular in Europe and the US.

Training and education

The Stabyhoun is naturally predisposed to good training. Like other hunting breeds, these dogs need a solid dressage, starting at an early age. It is very important to find the balance between being strict but fair with your pet. Essential for training will be the periodic walks in the woods. This breed has “the hunting energy” and you shouldn't keep your puppy in a small space. This pointing dog is joyful and funny, which will make the education a lot easier.

Health problems

In general, the representatives of this breed are characterized by good health. However, their hanging ears sometimes prevent the ventilation of the ear canal. This leads to inflammation, which results in redness and odor from the ears.

The overall good health requires a combination of rational and sufficient physical activity and good nutrition. The average life expectancy is about 14 years, but if properly raised, these dogs can live even longer.

Grooming and care

The best place to grow your Stabyhoun is a house with a large yard. Given the inherent desire of this dog to spend a lot of time outdoors, playing, watching and guarding your home, the most resourceful owners will be farmers or hunters. The fur is long, thick and dense and needs a regular combing.

Bathing should not happen very often, as this will damage the protective layer of the coat of your pet.

Children and other pets

The Frisian Pointing Dog gets along well with children and all family members. It is suspicious to strangers and is always ready to defend its family and home. The hunting instinct of this faithful companion does not stop him from communicating with other dogs and pets.

Interesting facts

The Frisian Pointing Dog is present in almost all rankings of the rarest breeds in the world. Puppies for sale are very hard to find and are still very expensive.

Due to the limited population of these dogs, careful breeding is extremely important. The Dutch Association has special professional advisors who carefully examine or the potential parents. To keep all the puppies healthy, the bitches are not allowed to have more than 5 litters.