Irish Red Setter

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In the 19th century there were two types of Irish Setter: the first color - red and the second color - red and white. Firstly appeared the type with the dual-color. In 1912, breeders united around the monochrome red setter and determined the future of the breed. The Club of the Red Irish Setter was created in 1882. They published the breed standard in 1886, and since then organized a presentation and exhibitions in order to strengthen it. At the exhibition in Dublin in 1874, there were many red and white types of dogs. Only two years later, however, only solid colors were classified as "Irish Setter". For the first time this breed was registered in the AKC in 1878.

Physical characteristics

The overall appearance of the red Irish Setter is athletic and graceful, harmonious and well proportioned. The character is alive, intelligent, energetic, affectionate and loyal. The fur has a different debt on different parts of the body: long on the cilia and abundant buttocks, legs, abdomen, tail, chest and ears, and short, subtle and shiny on the head and front legs and back. The coloring is monochromatic mahogany red without traces of black. Eligible are small white spots on the chest, under the chin, forehead and fingers. The height of the male representatives is about 61-65 cm, and 56-61 cm for females. The weight is between 25 kg and 28 kg.

Character and behavior

The Irish Setter is playful and needs a lot of movement. Dogs of this breed are friendly and often seek the company of other dogs to play with. The Irish Setter is considered an intelligent animal, filled with energy. To maintain it's equilibrium, they need to run regulary. In short, the puppy needs an active owner who has a lot of experience in breeding and proper development of a dog. Nothing is more favorable for this pup than long walks in the company of the hunter. It has passionate Celtic soul.The Irish Setter loves to be the center of attention, especially during exterior exhibitions. Sensitive and friendly, "The Red Devil" wins the respect of its owner. Your pet can be annoying sometimes because it does not tolerate indifference to himself.

Training and education

The Irish Setter needs caresses and company. Sociable by nature, it can accompany you anywhere. In the family it loves everyone, but adores his master. It prefers the man who knows how to communicate with it and to impose some discipline. The Red Setter needs to be "taken in hand". Basic dog training is absolutely necessary. All types of setters likes water. They love to dive and swim and are perfect hunting companions.

Health problems

The life expectancy of the Irish Setter is approximately 12-15 years. There is a chance that you will meet several health problems. Such issues can be: HD and PRA., Thyroid problems, swelling and epilepsy. Make sure that the parents of your puppy have OFA and CERF certificates.

Grooming and care

When we talk about maintaining the appearance of the Irish setter, it is good to know that you should regularly brush the hair and cut the nails every month. Their paws and ears should always be dry and clean to avoid the risk of unwanted infections. You should make sure that their fur is clean, due tohygienic reasons. This is an average shedder, which makes it not very suitable pet for people suffering from allergies.

Children and other pets

Irish Setters are very friendly with grown up children, but they are sometimes too energetic and can hurt toddlers. They are also kind with other dogs and even with cats, but keep in mind that any bird is a potential prey.

Interesting facts

Irish Setters are well known for the fact that they mature slowly. Very often they maintain a puppy behavior even at an old age.

In 1870, Charles H. Turner brought his Irish setter called Elcho to the United States. Six years later, the dog became first setter to win the America's biggest championship. It sired more than 195 dogs and was an important part of the establishment of the Irish Setters in North America. Its' winning inspired many dog lovers and puppies for sale became very popular.