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The Cardigan Corgi, known as Welsh Corgi Cardigan, is one of the most ancient breeds of shepherd dogs. It originates from Wales and in spite of its small in size, it has performed as a great assistant to shepherds in England.

Short legs helps this dog to guide the cows in a desired direction by biting them on feet without receiving painful blows with hooves. Because of its low height, it passes under a belly of cow without suffering its kicks. It is believed that Cardigan Corgi is a result of cross-breeding of an ancestors of all Corgi dogs and dachshunds. Despite its face, thanks to which it is popular worldwide, the Welsh Corgi Cardigan is a very good hunter, a service, not a decorative dog.

In Wales, these animals emerged thanks to the Celts, but an ancestors of a modern representatives of the breed were much larger. The first written documents that mention them are from the XI century. According to ancient British legend, the Welsh Corgi was used by elves to be able to traverse large distances. After a while elves decided to donate their dogs to the people to serve them.

Despite a popularity of the breed, there was no official recognition and standard. Only in 1892 the dogs of this breed were presented at an exhibition.

Physical characteristics

Although the Corgi Cardigan and Pembroke Corgi look similar, they have a number of differences. The Cardigan Corgi is larger than Corgi Pembroke. It reaches a height of 26 to 31 cm and 17 kg in weight.Tail is not docked, like the traditional Pembroke Corgi and is so long that it almost touches the ground. Head is quite massive, with large erect triangular ears. Limbs are solid and quite short but well-muscled. Chest is well developed. Fur on the tail and around a neck is longer than on body and limbs. Color of a coat varies from ginger, tricolor, marble and black to silver. Eye color can be brown or blue. Often a chest and paws of Cardigan Corgi are pure white, regardless of a color of the rest of its body.

Character and behavior

This is a devoted and kind dog with high intelligence and gentle disposition. It is suitable both for people with experience in breeding dogs and for those without. These shepherds are full of energy, overflowing with enthusiasm and have a very nice character. They are extremely responsive and obedient and at the same time independent. They can sometimes bite, but it is part of their herding instinct.

Training and education

The Cardigan Corgi is a disciplined and very intelligent dog. It can easily be taught to perform various commands. However, it can be stubborn during training, so it should be approached carefully and firmly. It is a very curious dog that develops its intellect and easily learns to detect objects.

Health problems

Before choosing from different puppies for sale, keep in mind that the Cardigan Corgi is prone to being overweight, which can lead to various diseases of the spine. It can also suffer from ear infections. Lifespan is about 12 to 15 years.

Grooming and care

Your pet needs regular walks and the opportunity to run, as well as many games with its master. It is a cheerful dog that is always ready to play and can become sad if it does not receive enough attention from its owner. The Cardigan Corgi can be grown in both an apartment and in a house. Coat needs brushing once or twice a week. It is not recommended to bathe it more than once or twice a year. Regularly check its ears to avoid infections.

Children and other pets

The Welsh Corgi Cardigan usually gets along well with children, especially with larger and attentive ones. When it comes to other animals, it really needs early socialization - especially when it comes to cats. A well socialized dog can coexist with other pets, but when it comes to strangers and guests, it is reserved.

Interesting facts

This is one of the smallest among all Shepherd breeds in the world. An interesting fact is that although it is divided into two breeds - Corgi Corgi Cardigan and Pembroke, both breeds came from county Cardigan in Wales. Translated from the local dialect Corgi means "dwarf".

Queen Elizabeth II is constantly accompanied by her Corgis during walks and even during official ceremonies. At an opening of the XXX Olympic Games in London in 2012, the Queen appeared with some of her favorites. She doesn't allow selling of puppies that are born from the crossing of her animals, and gives them to friends as gifts. Elizabeth II believes that the dogs are part of a family and during the Christmas holidays, hangs socks over the fireplace with gifts for every dog.