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Anglo-French Hound is the common name of a group of breeds that differ from each other only by their height and color. All these dogs were created as a result of crossbreeding between the English foxhound with various French hounds.

The first attempts to create the breed date from the XVI century. At the end of XVIII century French hunters assessed already quite high these dogs that could work well in a group, in any place, chasing deer, wild boar and foxes. The Great Anglo-French hound was created by crossing the Gascogne Saintgeanois with Pautevin and Foxhound, while the great Anglo-French Tricolor Hound features more English blood.

Some time ago Canine specialists decided to divide these dogs in three varieties: as a result today there are Great Anglo-French Tricolor Hound, Great Anglo-French Black and White Hound and Great Anglo-French Orange and White Hound. Now each of these dogs is recognized as a separate, independent breed, but essentially they differ only in minor coloration and external signs. The character and working qualities of the three varieties are identical. The Tricolor Hound is the most common of all, it is especially popular among French hunters. The great Anglo-French Black and White Hound is not common, and the Orange and White is considered a very rare breed.

Physical characteristics

The great Anglo-French Hound is an elegant, beautiful animal with light, proud expression. The height of the dog at the withers may vary in the range of 60-70 cm, and the weight is from 30 to 36 kg.

Character and behavior

This is an incredible and very impressive hunting breed. These dogs possess strength, strong physics,power and energy,high-pitched voice and unique sense of smell. Hard, careful, brave and assertive, this hound love hunting.

Training and education

The Great Anglo-French Hound is quite independent. This dog loves to make just decisions and take actions that he likes. Training should be done with patience and perseverance. The balanced behavior of your pet will help you during its education. Great Hounds are used for a type of hunting called "Chasse-a-Courre", which means that the pack chase the prey and kills it. There is another type, called "Chasse-a-tir", in which a hound, several or all pack chases the prey against the guns.

Health problems

The Great Anglo-French Hound hasn't many health problems. The most common are hip dysplasia and cataract. A weak spot of the breed is the joints, so in the beginning you should not allow your puppy to work too hard. The life expectancy of these dogs is about 12 years.

Grooming and care

If you are looking for puppies for sale of this breed, keep in mind that they are not family pets, as they simply cannot live without their favorite activities - hunting and chasing. It should be grown in a pack and needs a lot of space and exercise. Virtually no one raises this hound as a pet and is rare to see it outside places where dogs are trained for hunting. The coat needs regular brushing, the ears must be cleaned to avoid infections. All varieties have soft fur.

Children and other pets

Representatives of the breed get along very well with other dogs and other animals. The same goes for children as long as they too aggressive in their games. .

Interesting facts

The Great Anglo-French Hound has different variations:

- The Great Anglo-French Tricolor hound has more English blood

- The Great Anglo-French White and Orange (now exceptionally rare)is a result of crossbreeding between Billy and Foxhound

- The Great Anglo-French Black and White Hound, derives from from Gascon Saintgenaois

- The Little Anglo-French Hound is recently developed by a cross between Harier and Poatevin Porselen,

- The Little Gascon Saintegenoias and the Little Blue de Gascogne are officially recognized in 1978.

Today, the Great Anglo-French Hound is used many for hunting in large packs. In fact, the name "Big" refers to not only the size, but also for their main purpose – chasing big animals.

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